24 February 2022

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What are the 5 symptoms of employee burnout?

Job burnout is a special type of work-related stress — a state of physical or emotional exhaustion that also involves a sense of reduced accomplishment and loss of personal identity. 


What is a burnout?

Burnout is a set of symptoms that derives from a chronic and persistent stress condition, associated with the work context.

Burnout occurs when employees face an enormous amount of stress that is not communicated and managed properly. Eventually they begin to feel apathy towards their work.

Why are we talking about the support team's own burnout?

The support team is the one who is most in contact with customers and their problems, so they often hear complaints and frustrations from customers who are often dissatisfied or stressed.

Stress that must be managed well precisely because the support team is the one that more than any other interfaces with customers.

The effects that burnout has on our mental and physical health can have serious consequences for your business that should not be underestimated.

According to a Kronos survey, 95% of HR leaders agree that burnout sabotages workforce retention.



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What are the 3 most common reasons for burnout in the support team?

1. Unfair treatment

Working in a peaceful environment allows you to work more efficiently and avoid burnout.
If employees have the opportunity to have flexible hours, they will certainly feel more motivated to do better and better. Flexibility should be a priority nowadays.

Also, in case you are still using a traditional phone system, take into account that you have more cumbersome processes. Furthermore, their use is not at all simple and generates frustration and anger.

This is why you might consider moving to a cloud solution, such as Voxloud. This way, your agents can work from wherever they want with complete freedom.

2. Lack of clarity of role

If agents don't have clear guidelines on what to do and what activities to do exactly, they will do poorly and feel confused and dissatisfied.

Also, make sure your employees align with your company's vision. To be determined and satisfied, agents must know the business objective and truly believe in it, otherwise, they will lose motivation.

3. Lack of managerial support

Your employees are definitely top-notch professionals who can handle customer interactions on their own. However, what you shouldn't miss is support. Compliment them on their accomplishments. Give them feedback on the work done, you will see that in this way they will feel compelled to do more and more.

If employees don't grow up and keep repeating the same mistakes, they will become frustrated and may feel helpless.
Keep in mind that mistakes that are not checked and discussed to be fixed become a bad habit.

Support team burnout symptoms

Burnout is dangerous not only for individuals, but also for the company because it decreases the performance of companies as well as damaging the corporate image towards those customers who have had negative experiences.

What are the 5 symptoms of employee burnout?

1. Physical problems

Support team anxiety has a major impact on mental health. Here psychologists speak of fatigue followed by insomnia, anxiety, loss of appetite, and even severe depression.

Employees may seem bored or indifferent to their work. They may lose motivation, get to work too late, or leave too soon.

2. Pessimistic approach

Do you have that agent who constantly smiles? But suddenly, that happy person lost the spark.
Sure, everyone can have a bad day. But if someone starts complaining about minor issues or expressing dissatisfaction too often, it could be cause for distress.

3. Isolation

Agents who wish to be anywhere other than their workplace will naturally stop conversing with colleagues. They can also turn away from customers and lose the will to provide support. This negatively affects customer satisfaction.

4. Negligence

It is difficult to focus properly with physical symptoms, such as constant headache, fatigue, or pain. Your agents may start making major mistakes in minor tasks and even in important tasks

5. Lack of attention

Burnout can generate many symptoms including lack of attention and concentration while performing tasks at work

Reduced personal fulfillment, a fall in self-esteem and a feeling of failure in one's work translate into a decline in personal efficiency: the worker perceives that he is becoming less and less efficient, despite engaging more in his duties.


How to avoid support team burnout?

Rather than solving burnout when the agent is already at its peak, it's best to avoid it all happening at the same time.

We have collected 2 tips on how to act to prevent it.

1. Incentive your employees

If your employee performs well, you are the one who should reward him and show recognition. Rewarding good work has been shown to lead to greater employee satisfaction, less employee abandonment, and reduces the risk of burnout.
centralino in cloud Voxloud
Consider giving incentives to call center agents. The key to success is identifying the behavior that has the greatest impact on your bottom line. Then, find a way to recognize the best results.

While cash prizes are always welcome, incentives don't necessarily have to involve money. You can customize it and offer a reward that suits your employees' personal tastes.

For example, if an agent likes to read, offer a coupon at the bookstore. If an employee likes movies, offer a free Netflix membership.

2. Improve support team training

What can you do to improve a company? Focus on training your employees so they can be more and more productive.

This is a subject that is often overlooked but staff training is very important.
It enhances team formation by trying to encourage teamwork. Improve communication and problem-solving skills, get better employee engagement, better retention and greater employee satisfaction. Hence, better customer service.

But always remember that training without the aid of efficient tools will not lead you to satisfactory results. This is why the cloud phone system is the perfect solution that combines efficiency with flexibility.

How can a cloud phone system help the support team and reduce the risk of burnout?

Through the training of the support team. In fact, with a cloud phone system you can record calls and use them for training programs to understand how to manage customers and make them happy.

In addition, a cloud phone system has features that allow the support team to manage both customers and their requests more easily and quickly.

Think, for example, of the integrations with CRMs, with address books and finally the very simplicity with which Voxloud was created that does not waste time and therefore you can manage customer requests calmly and focus.

But have you ever thought about whether a cloud PBX is the right solution for your company? Or is it better to remain with the traditional one? Well, you can find out in the guide we have prepared for you. Just click here! 👇