7 September 2021

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Wash out: + 30% speed in customer technical assistance

Are you an entrepreneur and want to optimize communication and business management?


Voxloud has the perfect solution for your needs. Unlike traditional telephone operators, we provide you with an innovative product suitable for the needs of a market in constant transformation and oriented to remote work: we are obviously talking about our cloud phone system.

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Our cloud-integrated communication system works by using the internet connection and thus makes it possible to digitize any company.

Voxloud phone system is up and running in 59 seconds. Use our apps and VoIP phones to work wherever you are, at any time, on your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

  • Work from home like you’re at the office
  • Phone calls and video conferences
  • Flexible phone system that lets you work from wherever you are

Today we want to explain it to you by telling you about the success story of Wash Out. Thanks to Voxloud, this company has managed to achieve truly extraordinary results:

  • + 30% speed in customer technical assistance
  • +20 employees hired and in smart working
  • +2 communicating company telephone lines

Let's take a step back to discover the path that led to these numbers.


Wash out: identity card


Wash Out was born in 2017. Its core business is the washing of cars and motorcycles at home through a special "dry" system, which allows you to clean vehicles internally and externally even on public roads, using only completely ecological products to avoid damaging the environment.


How does it work?


Just book the wash through the appropriate smartphone app by choosing the place, the time slot of interest and the specifications of your vehicle and one of the operators will take care of its cleaning, wherever it is parked.


In short: an innovative, practical and truly smart service.


But how did the collaboration with Voxloud start?


After being awarded as the best startup in Italy by the talent B Heroes, Wash Out has seen a huge increase in popularity and fame has also brought with it:


  • A greater number of requests to be processed
  • Increased demand for technical assistance
  • An increase in office staff and "washers" called to provide home service


All this made perfect coordination - even and above all remotely - between phone system operators and floodlights essential… and there the first obstacle arose.


The problems of Wash Out with the old telephone operator  


Wash Out initially relied on a British virtual operator, who until then had been able to respond to his needs.


In the face of the increase in the amount of work and personnel, however, things have changed: the old phone system was no longer able to provide adequate technical assistance and above all made it impossible to manage the work remotely, because it did not have any application that can be installed on smartphones that would allow employees to be reachable even when they are not physically present in the office.


In short, technical difficulties, inefficiency and problems with the customer assistance service led the three partners to look for alternative ways to travel for communication, which could guarantee a stable, efficient and above all manageable service also from mobile devices.


The meeting with Voxloud


Let's recap:


The exponential growth of Wash Out leads to the hiring of new employees - the workforce increases from 5 to 20 office workers and more than 40 washers.


The service must be available 7 days a week and customer assistance is increasingly important: a greater number of extensions are needed and the operator mentioned above cannot meet this need, nor can provide adequate technical assistance.


Added to this are inefficiencies, malfunctions and errors caused always and only by the phone system.


Christian Padovan, CEO and founder of the company, then begins to look around in search of the most valid, functional alternative in line with new needs. And he comes across Voxloud.



He decided to purchase our service, because Voxloud also has applications that can be integrated with Android and iOS smartphones that allow the Wash Out team to work easily remotely, optimizing the availability of jobs and the management of the flow of requests of customer assistance.



The results, as anticipated at the beginning of this article, were not long in coming.


So I leave you with Christian's words, in the hope that his testimony will be useful to you:

“Voxloud has given us the flexibility and freedom of being able to choose which device to use the service from. Not all operators have an app and the ability to use the VoIP phone anywhere. It may happen, for example, that on the weekend some of our guys work remotely: with Voxloud they can work as if they were in the office."

It's still:


“Voxloud had a significant impact on the growth of our customer care by speeding up response times by + 30%. Guaranteeing a customer that we can talk to someone in a short time is something we cannot do without."


What can Voxloud do for you?

Do you also want to test the advantages of our service but need some more information on the functionality of our cloud phone system?



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Leonardo Coppola