26 July 2021

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Voxloud is now available in the United States

We firmly believe in one thing: the only way to improve and progress is to go further.


Beyond our expectations, beyond our dreams, beyond our limits. As well as for the human being, so also for a company. 



To evolve, you need to get out of your comfort zone and take that extra step.


Add an extra feature, create a new product or even enter a new market.


We define ourselves as bold because we started from Italy and only a few months ago we landed in the United Kingdom, trusting in our team and in our cloud phone system.


It was an act of courage and a gamble, but we know this is the right way to continue making Voxloud the international company it has always been.


And from today Voxloud, the company that developed the first cloud phone system that is activated in 59 seconds, is even more international.


Because today Voxloud arrives in the United States.


We are ready to revolutionize the US telecommunications market with our cloud phone system designed and created for small businesses that make a country great.


Here we are: our service is ready to compete with the large telecommunication companies that dictate the law in every corner of the globe, often forgetting (or mistreating) the small entrepreneurs who fight for their business every day.


We want to be at their side: we are in Italy, we are doing it in the United Kingdom and from today we will also do it in the United States.


And we will do it by carrying out the same mission that has always guided us.


Supporting medium and small companies to improve their image and become more competitive. And we do it through our cloud phone system which has made everything much easier and more intuitive, in just 59 seconds. Wires and cables, servers and engineers are now a thing of the past with Voxloud.


The US market is a challenge. Perhaps the biggest of the challenges for a European company.


But it is only from challenges that new and stimulating opportunities such as the one we are about to undertake can arise.


From today Voxloud arrives in the United States.


Nothing will ever be the same again.


United States, we are coming.