4 May 2021

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Voxloud has come to UK

Voxloud's 2020 was a year of satisfaction and opportunity.


We have dedicated ourselves to corporate rebranding and have added new integrations and applications to our business phone system.


We have consistently expanded our workforce from 20 to over 40 employees in just one year and doubled our turnover.

In the last year we have done a lot, but much more is to come.


Our mission focuses on helping small and medium-sized Italian companies to improve their image and become more digital, and we do it through our cloud switchboard which has made everything simpler and more intuitive, in just 59 seconds.


Wires and cables, servers and technicians are now a distant memory.


As you know, the market in which we operate is very competitive and ruthless, with you and us (with us you won’t experience hidden costs)


But it is only from the challenges that new and stimulating opportunities can arise such as the one we are about to reveal to you now:


Starting from today, Voxloud is ready to revolutionise the UK telecommunications and innovation market, supporting small and medium-sized businesses in the arduous process of digitisation.


The revolution started in Rome a few years ago and is now traveling fast to reach the UK. And it won't stop there.


The UK market represents a great opportunity for Voxloud to start the revolution in the unified communications market that is already underway in Italy, where the big telco players offer unattractive solutions to entrepreneurs.


Yes, you got it right, from today, Voxloud is also available in the UK!



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Leonardo Coppola