28 September 2021

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The 3 success keys of Voxloud phone system


During the pandemic, remote working has become the crucial point of our thoughts because it has allowed us not to block work, reducing social interactions.


However, many companies have chosen remote working as a "lifestyle", because it allows them to improve productivity and reduce the general costs associated with company management.




The best decision to increase productivity and turnover is to choose a good work organization with the help of personnel management systems ...


Cloud phone systems are now widespread in many companies. The innovative cloud telephone systems organize your business communications and help your business to operate with extreme safety.


 With a cloud phone system you will begin to see how you can save and, at the same time, earn:






Cost reduction


Whether you are running a large or a small business, switching to a VoIP system would greatly reduce your company's calling costs. Regardless of the number of calls you make, cloud telephony services will be cheaper than the landline service because you only pay for what you use.


With a Cloud phone system, employees, even away from their office, can still produce without the need to bring a phone system component home: they will have everything at their fingertips by simply installing an application (on their mobile or PC).


In this way, we no longer speak only of a utopia: generating turnover for your company, even if you do not work in-house, will no longer be a problem, but a possibility.


For the cloud phone system we choose a technology based on VoIP, which generates telephone traffic using the internet line: you can apply this technology to any device, all you need is an internet connection, a desk at home and a PC or smartphone.


Geographic flexibility


When using cloud phone systems, you don't need to be in the office to make or receive calls. It allows you to work anywhere, as long as you have a reliable internet connection. You can work from your home or even as a full-time remote employee. Cloud phone systems have applications that allow you to work from anywhere.


Geographic flexibility can also help you connect other offices in different locations. If your company has multiple locations scattered across different locations, you can connect them to a single phone system and hire an administrator who can manage them from anywhere.


voxloud cloud based phone system




Companies have the possibility to have cloud phone systems, in different places. If you use cloud phone systems in your offices and one of the servers has a problem, the other servers can act as backups, and you would have fewer interruptions. In the event that you decide to have phone systems in the cloud in different locations, the disservices would be almost nil because if one does not work there would be another to support it.


In summary, by choosing to work remotely with a Cloud phone system, you can reduce all the costs mentioned above.


Also, if you make your employees work at home, their productivity increases and this is now a fact: no traffic, no stress, no danger of delays and related anxieties.


Our cloud phone system is a 100% user-friendly system - which can be activated quickly and in total autonomy - which connects with your corporate CRM, allowing you to:


- Exchange emails and instant messages


- Arrange meetings and appointments with clients


- Communicate with all your collaborators


- Organize business video calls


- Manage customer assistance service


- Integrate video conferencing, instant messaging, smart working and multi-site work capabilities


 Also, with cloud phone system:


  • Lower upfront costs to set up a telephone system
  • Fewer worries as companies will not have to deal with maintenance or unexpected repair or replacement costs when hardware is damaged
  • Companies don't necessarily have to have an IT technician among their employees to keep everything running.


All through a single platform: just download our app on the device of your choice - PC, smartphone or tablet - and install our phone system in just 59 seconds!


What do you think of a job done in a more flexible, pleasant and fluid way?

So, dear entrepreneur, now that you have had the opportunity to get in touch with the advantages of a Cloud phone system and smart working, what do you choose for your company?



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Leonardo Coppola