27 May 2021

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Smart working and customer service: this is how Smarty managed to make itself perceive by customers as a big company

Today I want to talk to you about how an SME managed to speed up the process of evasion of its customer care assistance tickets by 40%, relying on Voxloud.


Does it seem incredible?


Let's start with the presentations!

Smarty is a company that has created a cloud software for e-commerce.


This tool integrates perfectly with the most important online sales platforms, such as Amazon, eBay, ePrice.


What does Smarty's work consist of?

It's simple: it keeps track of any information connected to the company that uses the service.


Business expansion is one of the ambitions of every SME. Smarty has started to grow gradually, inducing its CEO to expand the number of employees dedicated to customer care.


Tommaso, the founder of Smarty, after having realized the company's growth, understands that he can no longer do everything alone.


During the growth phase, it is necessary to equip the company with new employees. A single person is no longer enough to cover different and, at times, very heterogeneous roles.


The new hires begin and, once the right people are found, the founder of Smarty thinks that everything can proceed at full speed, guided by the wind of success.


In reality there is an obstacle: the person who should take care of customer care lives far, too far away, so he has to work remotely.




Having always handled everything himself, the founder of Smarty had not felt the need to change the mobile phone number for customer assistance.


But from the moment the company begins to evolve, the problem of the telephone number arises: a mobile phone cannot convey sufficient professionalism and, if there are no timetables, customers can call at any time, including holidays and weekends. .


So Smarty really needs a more professional turn from this point of view, also considering the involvement of other customer service employees.


A transformation also soon became necessary from the point of view of customer education: it was essential to show them the new rules and direct them towards the right path to follow to contact customer service.


Furthermore, the constant growth of Smarty immediately highlighted the need to work with a tool that would allow to speed up the customer requests.


It was necessary to start looking for a suitable service for this purpose.



A friend of Tommaso's suggested our product: a cloud phone system capable of meeting the needs of the company.


The CEO of Smarty decides to trust and test the Voxloud cloud phone system for the first time: during the trial period he is literally amazed by the functionality of our  phone system and realizes that he could no longer do without it.


Thanks to Voxloud, Smarty is able to to call at set times and this allows employees who work in smart working not to worry about someone asking for assistance at inappropriate times.

The company is finally able to establish rules and work shifts that allow everyone to experience work as a stimulus and not as a duty.


The good motivation of employees, the rules that are given to customers and the improvement in customer support ticket fulfillment performance allow Smarty to become an SME with the appearance of a real big company.


One of the most important features of Voxloud, which Smarty was able to use and appreciate, is the MULTI-SITE FUNCTIONALITY: in fact, it allowed employees who work remotely to be connected to the company and to work as if they were in the office, without any kind of communication or telephone system management difficulties.


All you need is a good internet connection, a tablet, a smartphone or a PC on which to install our applications and voilà, that's it!


Summing up, Smarty has decided to invest in Voxloud, obtaining benefits that continue to support its growth.


Are you curious to find out more information about the features of Voxloud and learn more about how it is possible to transform an SME into a big company?


Follow the link below and download our guide!



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