25 January 2022

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Remote working and Cloud phone system - the 2 conditions for a productive 2022

In the last 2 years, many countries have been the protagonists of an acceleration of the evolution of the world of work due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The transformation we have experienced, as extreme as that phrase may seem, encompasses exactly what has happened to us in the last year: an obligatory, necessary, digital transformation that has moved the technological bar forward.

We have had to manage work and companies from home, we have equipped ourselves with the necessary tools to do so and, between slightly slow connections and dated PCs, we have carried on and caught up, introducing into our lives what we call remote working.


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One of the characterizing elements of remote working is the ability to manage everything thanks to the cloud: a system that allows the online storage of an infinite number of documents, but which can also do much more.


The emergency caused by the pandemic has led many SMEs to adopt digital and cloud tools like the cloud phone system: the leap forward towards cloud technology has been over 40% in the last year, but there are still difficulties related to the business management strategies of remote teams.

It's time to learn how to use the cloud.

The 2020 cloud market was worth 3 billion pounds and grew compared to the previous year.

The pandemic has been a booster for evolution, forcing entrepreneurs of Italian small and medium-sized enterprises, willy-nilly, to take all the necessary countermeasures to make it possible to work from home.

But a spontaneous question ...


Several things will change with the vaccine, but the tendency to work remotely will most likely continue to persist for many companies.

Among the reasons that push people to choose to work remotely are: personal safety, advantages related to fixed expenses, improved productivity and greater flexibility.

All of these benefits set us up for a beautiful future landscape and allowed us to compile a list of the three cloud services that were among the most requested and used by SMEs during the pandemic:

- Communication
- Safety
- Cloud computing

Now, let's move on to analyze them individually to understand why they are the most requested, what they consist of and how they integrate the cloud with your SME.


The huge leap forward we have made at a technological level in 2020 has generated strong repercussions on the social life to which we have always been accustomed: closed at home, you go out only out of strict necessity and work staring at the wall of your room.

We miss that office strain a little: complaining to colleagues about traffic or rain, having a coffee at the machine and taking a break a little longer than usual so as not to tackle a job that we really don't like...

We have also adapted to this: we have put priorities in order and understood that feeling good is more important, but this does not mean that we must give up on the idea of ​​not being able to communicate anymore.

Whether it's sharing updates on the status of work with a colleague, receiving feedback from your supervisor or brainstorming an idea for a project, communication also continues with remote working.

Communicating is a bit like breathing: basic for your business.
The cloud allows access to communications through messaging apps, video conferencing and telephony systems that are accessible from any geographical location and can be installed on many devices. Real collaboration tools that connect the work team wherever they are.
centralino in cloud Voxloud
They are among the most downloaded apps in 2020: both corporate and private communication applications, which shorten distances and put a stop to the feeling of loneliness that the pandemic can cause in the long run.

We at Voxloud are experts in communication: we have created a cloud phone system that greatly helps companies with the management of communications.

But we choose to do it well and safely, and it is precisely the issue of security that affected SMEs during the pandemic, to stem the risks of connecting each one from their personal device.


When your office features a physical space with walls, doors, and an internal network, securing corporate data isn't very difficult.

However, protecting corporate data during remote working is slightly more complex: for this reason, the demand for cloud-related security systems has increased in times of pandemics.

For all companies that work in remote working it is necessary to structure a solid security strategy, and mitigating data theft has risen to the top of the needs to be fulfilled to work remotely in peace.

With our cloud phone system you can manage your company with more flexibility. Your customer care can work from all over the world, increasing productivity.

 With the cloud phone system:


⚡ There are no activation costs
⚡ No maintenance
⚡ You only pay for what you use
⚡ No penalties
⚡ A simple and intuitive control panel
⚡ No technicians required to manage settings
With the phone system you can eliminate the communication barrier, improving the motivation of your team members and finally eliminating all those cumbersome and inefficient steps.