11 May 2021

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Customer Service: powerful hacks to improve it


The perception of how your company is seen by others is very important:

There are some details that are worth investing in immediately.

So, if you want to give your company the opportunity to grow, start working on the fundamental aspects such as an organised customer service: you will immediately notice the first differences and the satisfaction of users, but also of those who work in contact with people.


What do you need?


A lot of will, a tone of voice in line with the image you want to give of the company and kindness to customers.


For example: when the company phone rings, there should be no bored and unprofessional answer. But let's find out together how to make a good impression on whoever calls you.




Customer service consists of providing users with a service that checks and follows the phases preceding, simultaneously with and subsequent to the purchase of a product or service.


It is an activity designed with the aim of increasing customer satisfaction, in order to offer people the opportunity to find a meeting point between their expectations and reality.


There are customer services that take care of after-sales, customer assistants who guide the customer through the selection and purchase process, and those who show the customer which needs to be satisfied.


A positive experience during the support phase is able to change the opinion on the product, on the service provided and on any problems that have arisen with the purchase.


A person who has got answers, who has been listened to and felt considered and understood will always give positive feedback to your company, because human relationships are really important to us.


But, so… how can we make your customer service more productive?





Good customer service also depends on the person answering the phone and not just how good and quick this person is at solving the problem and finding an answer to your questions.


Every day there are inefficiencies and problems related to the online and offline purchase of products and services.


People who use customer service are not only interested in solving the problem, but also in the way in which those on the other side approach them. The way of dealing with the customer is really what makes the difference between poor and excellent support.


It is the approach that makes the difference: a bored tone of voice annoys those who call for assistance; on the contrary, a smile and a positive attitude can be noticed even without looking into each other's eyes and leading to a positive achievement.


In addition, word of mouth is one of the fastest free marketing tools to use: if you offer bad customer service, soon no new customers will come to ask you for information, to buy and to make you money.


Do you want to know how to bring your customer care to results never seen before?


Voxloud has designed a cloud business phone system which is up and running in 59 seconds.


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Here you can discover the main features of Voxloud: 


Opening and closing hours

Determine your company work schedule and choose when you are open or closed for non-working days and public holidays.


Virtual Fax

With the Voxloud virtual fax service, you can send and receive unlimited faxes from your control panel.


Interactive Voice Response

Add up to 3 levels to your IVR to guide your customers more effectively.


Customised messages and hold music

Welcome your customers’ calls in a personal and unique way with customised messages and hold music.


Video conference

With Voxloud’s Video Conference you can interact with your teammates, suppliers and potential customers in just a few clicks.

Would you like to know more?


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