26 August 2021

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How to increase productivity and reduce costs

Remote working, the innovative way of working from home, by the sea, in the mountains, in a café… wherever you want.

Is it really good for your business and can really help your employees to work better?


The important thing is to rely on a good organization with the help of innovative personnel management and communication systems such as a Cloud phone system.


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Work like in the office but without clutter

A phone system takes up space and is so traditionally found in a well-defined place, like your office. If the staff is not there, they cannot automatically find this tool and the productivity will be zero.


The nightmare of every entrepreneur.


With the Cloud phone system, employees from the workplace versus it, and without having to bring home even a phone system component: it's all summed up in an app.


In the world of the Cloud, generating turnover even in spaces other than the corporate one is not a dream, but pure reality.


The technology used is based on VoIP, which generates telephone traffic using the simple internet line and can be applied to any device desired: employees will therefore need an ADSL line and a landline phone, or a PC and / or smartphone to have your own home workstation.


Even easier than going to the company, with the risk of arriving late due to traffic!


Keep everything under control

But how can you be sure that everyone is doing exactly their job without wasting time and, at the same time, how can the employee be sure not to miss a single, precious call?


First of all, you need to set up the phone system correctly and, the absolutely user-friendly interface of the Voxloud control panel will allow you to do it in a few simple steps, without the help of a technician: thus saving time and money!


Organizing work groups according to the sector or the amount of incoming calls, then, has never been easier: the day is particularly full of phone calls and you risk not being able to please everyone? Activate the "standard" mode in User Groups, where anyone can answer calls, and be prepared to sort them out later.


Do working hours run smoothly enough without any particular peaks?


Choose the "cascading" groups, to establish yourself a ranking of priority in the response among the users of the group.

In this way, you will also optimize the work of your employees, who will be guided in their activities remotely.


Alternatively, activate the answering machine and receive messages via email in text and .mp3 format, so as to have total coverage!


In addition, you will be able to continuously monitor your call history thanks to the event log, deciding to even record individual conversations to understand how to optimize employee responses.


By optimizing your customer service, you will increase the satisfaction rate of your customers, and consequently, your sales!


Cut costs

Have you ever wondered how much it costs to keep an employee in the company?


First of all, there is the investment that concerns the work spaces, whether you decide to buy or rent the office. Then, of course, all utilities must also be paid: electricity, water, heating, without forgetting the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of equipment or simple air conditioners.


If you have more than one office, located on national or international territory, the investment increases exponentially.


Smart working, supported by a Cloud phone system, cuts all these costs in an instant.


The productivity of your employees will also benefit from the fact that it can be expressed at home, without the nightmare of the traffic, of the parking lot that is not found or of public transport that does not pass.


Dear entrepreneur, now that you know the advantages of the Cloud phone system for remote working, would you know how to choose the right one for your company?



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Leonardo Coppola