25 May 2021

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Find out how to increase the processing speed of assistance tickets by +25%

E-commerce helps companies to make their products known and to sell through the internet.


By definition, "e-commerce" includes all transactions generated by the purchase and sale of goods and services carried out on the internet. It also includes the management of commercial activities via the internet and online communications.


Thanks to e-commerce, today we are able to reach people from all over the world with our products, and we can send them to them and receive payments quickly and easily.


In addition, the ADVANTAGES of managing your company, both online and offline, consist above all in expanding the sales opportunities and reaching many more target customers, compared to just the city shop.




The advantages of owning e-commerce are many, so I tried to group them in a list, in order to give you a general overview of what is achieved with the online commerce of products and services.


Global reach

You have the possibility to be reached by customers from all over the globe in a few clicks.


Opening h24

Your online store is always open. You can allow the purchase at any time of the day, which is a great advantage for customers, but also for your company, especially in a historical period like the one we are experiencing.


Cost savings

Choosing to open e-commerce allows you to have operating costs significantly lower than those of a physical store, because the fixed costs of rent and bills disappear, but not only.


Automated inventory

You can manage your warehouse stocks very easily thanks to cutting-edge electronic tools.


Monitored marketing

An e-commerce platform allows you to collect a lot of information for the profiling of your customers, purchasing times and needs that people have. In this way, you can adapt your products to the requests and avoid waste and unsold warehouse stocks



Having e-commerce allows you not to be tied to a physical place. 

All you need is a PC and an internet connection and you can work wherever you want.

Our Cloud Phone system is the perfect combination between independence and technology.


The Cloud phone system is the winner choice for e-commerce management. It allows you to manage e-commerce (connect the warehouse, customer care and suppliers in a simple way) but it also allows you to better manage e-commerce customers before, during and after the purchases.


Customers will be able to live an extraordinary experience, without waiting for speaking with the customer care. 

They will always find a support specialist ready to define the best solution for every request.


This is the added value of a Cloud phone system for e-commerce.


And you, do you want to do some smart working in an increasingly smart and digital era?

It would all be very simple, but you have to beware of small pitfalls that challenge your company's performance in the online market.


Ready to discover them?




Buying online is a convenience, but there are still many "suspicious" who are always afraid of buying a rip-off.


The question of trust is an obstacle that could jeopardize your online commerce, but you can solve this problem effectively by offering guarantees on returns and / or payments via PayPal.


Another option you have is to enter and publish the reviews of your customers who have already used the service: in this way, new users can read and evaluate whether your products are suitable for their needs or not.


The problems, however, do not end with the question of trust: in fact, competition on the web is very high, so you have to be very careful and structure your online commerce by entering a very specific niche of necessity.


It is not an improvisation contest: you need to understand how to communicate with your customers and lead them to trust and buy from you. 

And here you are faced with one of the obstacles that most limit the business performance of those who choose e-commerce: communication and customer experience.


Being kept on hold and then answered by the wrong person is the worst mistake for your company. 


With Voxloud’s IVR, there’s no more the risk of a customer ending up with the wrong department. You can design your own custom phone tree in just a few clicks, to ensure that your customers always speak with the right person!


You can also organize your business in response groups with well-defined users. Creating groups of users is the best way to organize communications inside your company and to manage more calls at the same time.


For example, cascading groups are those where incoming calls are answered according to a specific classification or need of the customer.


With the queue feature, if your customers had a problem during the purchase, you can easily handle all the phone calls without missing any calls.

You will be able to answer everyone and solve the problem.





Now, I want to tell you the story of a company that today is in the TOP 30 of Amazon shops in Italy, thanks to the optimization of a very important tool: the telephone cloud phone system.


The company was founded in 2014: the office was in charge of private mail business, until one day Tommaso, the owner, comes into contact with a watch wholesaler and buys a stock.


Since there were too many watches, he decided to try to sell them online on eBay: the watches were sold out in a few hours.


Here comes the idea of ​​opening an e-commerce as an alternative to private mail activity in Tommaso's mind.


When Tommaso's online business began to expand, they opened a warehouse distant from the headquarters.


Such a huge number of customers puts corporate telephone management in difficulty: there is no full control of the telephone system.


The first meeting between Tempo di Saldi and Voxloud was possible thanks to a friend of Tommaso's: he contacted our consultant and explained what the company's problems and needs were.


The efficiency and ease of use of the Voxloud cloud phone system service also gave Tommaso the opportunity to implement the customer care of his private mail company.


Thanks to Voxloud, it was possible to:


  • Handle phone calls in a linear manner, eliminating the five mobile numbers


  • Combine the administrative department with the warehouse, even if they operate in distant locations


  • Fulfill support tickets faster by improving inbound call flow



Less wasted time = satisfied customers


Ultimately, Tempo di Saldi made an investment by choosing the Voxloud cloud phone system and it brought immediate benefits to the company such as improving effective evasion of tickets.


Do you want to understand how to apply this strategy to your company?


Enjoy the article,      
Leonardo Coppola