1 June 2021

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Digitalization in 3 steps


The digitalization of businesses has accelerated sharply with the onset of the pandemic in 2020. We no longer have the excuse to be a beginner and have no idea what it takes to make our companies smarter. 


The time to procrastinate, in short, has long since passed: now you have to press the accelerator and digitize your company if you want it to survive and make real profits in the future.





Entrepreneurs are no longer justified if they don't choose digital and persist in sticking to piles of paper, dusty archives and the enormous costs associated with working on-site.


The value of digital has been grasped very well despite some difficulties, and has reduced the use of analogue tools. And this is also the intention of many companies.


Eliminating analogue and equipping themselves with digital devices allows workers and companies to:


  • Automate some workflows, such as standard marketing and sales procedures
  • Optimize customer care, administration and accounting processes
  • Streamline the archiving and exchange of documents


If you really want to make a difference and make your company successfully, you need to start a 360 ° digitization process.


And what is the basis of a company's success, if not communication?


Communicating is the only way you can manage your business and your team of collaborators in the right way, whether they work on site or do it remotely.


The first step in digital evolution, therefore, must necessarily be the cloud phone system, which is absolutely necessary for corporate communication.




The benefits of using a high-performance cloud phone system are many. 


Unlike traditional phone systems - connected to many wires and bound to a physical location - the cloud one is the perfect tool for the digitization of your business because it is totally immaterial and guarantees you:


  • Mobility
  • Maximum security in data transmission
  • Control and integration with corporate CRMs
  • Savings
  • Efficiency
  • Fast and functional customer support


With the Cloud phone system, working anywhere and using any device (a smartphone, a tablet or a PC) is no longer just a dream: it is the reality that many companies are already building and that allows your business to move forward and evolve, facing the challenges imposed by the market and by a delicate situation such as the one we are experiencing today.




At Voxloud, we want all entrepreneurs to be given the opportunity to explore the potential of digitization.


Staying connected today is essential if we do not want to lose sight of customers, colleagues, collaborators and all the people who are part of our daily working life.


And the only way to do this is to communicate without wasting time.


It is precisely with everything in mind that we have created our Cloud phone system, easy, fast and ready to use. It is up and running in just 59 seconds and allows you to:


  • Communicate efficiently with your customers and offer them prompt assistance in case of need
  • Connect all the offices of your company
  • Easily manage smart working workers


It can be installed on your computer, smartphone or tablet.


Plus, Voxloud guarantees you:


    • Maximum quality: no more difficulties in passing calls from one operator to another with endless waits from customers
    • Maximum ease of use: our system is simple and intuitive, perfect even for those unfamiliar with technology
    • Maximum transparency: with our flat formula, you only pay for what you use
  • No hidden costs, no penalties


But that's not all: if you want to know all the other features of our cloud phone system, you can consult our guide to services. 


Download it by clicking on the link below and start the digital evolution of your company, for a present and a future marked by success!


Best regards,      
Leonardo Coppola