23 September 2021

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Customer care: the 2 worst mistakes that can kill a company



Customer care is all that is needed to help the customer before, during and after the purchase of a product or service, to understand their needs.


Understanding 100% the needs of your customers is not easy.


How many times has it happened that customer support didn't understand your problem or didn't know how to solve it?

The dream of all entrepreneurs would be to have customer service that works excellently, quickly and professionally and solves your customers' problems.



But the sad reality is that customer service often lacks the tools, professionalism, and people to solve your problem.


We start from the concept that, although not always, often very large and structured companies are able to provide solutions and assistance in a more widespread way, compared to smaller and less organized realities.


Obviously, even the big names can make mistakes and many small companies offer impeccable assistance service.


Whether it's a small company or a large one, I want to talk to you about all those inefficiencies that annoy the customer a lot and risk making them leave permanently.


  • Telephone always busy and / or endless waits on line
  • Difficulty in solving problems






Here's how to get off on the wrong foot.


If you want to make a real difference even among the big names, you need to understand how to best stand out.


One thing to absolutely avoid is to leave the customer waiting on the phone for several minutes, without then coming to the conclusion of the problem. It becomes an unpleasant and exhausting process.


If the number made available to customers to contact customer service is always busy, rest assured that, attempt after attempt, you will find yourself with fewer and fewer customers.

The problem in these cases is that you are doing exactly what a customer would not want you to do: leave them to themselves.

When a company offers an assistance service that can handle incoming calls without endless waiting, sorting requests upstream, everything works more streamlined.


This is why our phone system is the solution that can do for you.


Our phone system has features that help the customer care team work better and be faster, for example integrations with your CRM, call recordings, the call log to monitor support requests.


All these features allow the customer care to work better and more effectively and quickly.

It also allows them to answer from wherever they are (with desktop and smartphone apps and phones) thanks to the cloud. So no more missed calls!


And here we are faced with the second situation that could make your customers run away.




Effective customer service must give customers an immediate solution.


In addition to quickly taking the line, your telephone operator must know how to listen to the needs of customers who complain about what they have purchased: in this way it is possible to understand what type of solution to adopt or what alternative to offer, so as not to lose a customer.


Solving a problem through customer service allows you to feel understood, listened to and, at times, caring for the customer can lead to accepting solutions and compromises that a person angry and waiting to take the line for hours would never accept.


For this reason, the efficiency of a phone system service is so important for companies: when you sell, when you offer assistance, you have to be quick and precise in your answers.

Good customer service also depends on the person answering the phone and not just how good and quick this person is at solving the problem and finding an answer to your questions.

Using the right tools is important to always provide an efficient and organized service. This is why our phone system is the perfect ally.


Voxloud can also help employees with different features: recording calls, videoconferencing, call log and integrations with your CRM.


voxloud cloud based phone system




Having a phone system that allows you to communicate with your customers effectively and quickly gives your company the opportunity to compete for effectiveness, efficiency and professionalism with the customer service of the largest companies.


This will greatly improve the experience of your customers, making them happy to interface with a small but excellent customer service.


If your business goals are:


  • Increase the level of professionalism perceived by customers
  • Save time for customers requesting assistance
  • Optimize the activities of your telephone operators
  • Guarantee a service that can really solve customer problems



You have to start thinking about whether the tools you have are enough for this endeavor, or whether the time has not come for a change.


But there is no reason to be discouraged: technology and digital evolution are on our side.


The Voxloud cloud phone system provides the essential features for every company, simplified as much as possible.


Why choose our cloud phone system:


  • Easy installation and configuration
  • Fast times: activates in 59 seconds
  • No hidden / additional costs: you pay a fixed monthly subscription
  • 30 days satisfied or refunded


With our phone system you can work and manage your team from anywhere in the world, simply using a computer. Your mobile or pc will become your only office.


But that's not all: if you really want to find out what makes this phone system able to offer you maximum professionalism with significantly reduced costs and times, you just have to download our guide.


Do you want to give your customers the best shopping experience and assistance you have to offer them?


Click below and enter the Voxloud world!



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Leonardo Coppola