5 May 2022

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Call recording in cloud phone systems: 4 reasons to use it!

Did you know that there is an interesting feature of Voxloud cloud PBX that allows you to record calls?

It may seem strange to you but it is one of the things that can increase your business and drastically improve customer service, thus increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Surely you have happened to talk to a customer and have to take notes on the conversation in progress: the customer gives you a phone number, gives us information about his needs and desires or speaks very quickly.

Unfortunately, something always escapes and maybe we haven't been able to hear that important detail or we don't have a pen at hand to write down everything.

Of course, having things repeated two or three times or making those who call us wait too long is certainly not the best. And if the customer is in noisy posts, everything becomes even more difficult!

That's why Voxloud offers you the call recording feature that will solve all your problems right from the start.

If the customer uses incomprehensible words, you will have to ask for clarification anyway, but once the call is hooked, you will be sure not to miss a single detail.

I've found 4 ways that show the value such simple service can have for your business.




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  • Train your team effectively
  • Faster training, more time for important tasks
  • Free feedback to improve your product
  • Use customer stories


4 reasons why you MUST use the call recording feature!

1. Train your team effectively

As you know, the first contact that customers have with your company is essential and the employees who answer the phone are undoubtedly the mirror of your brand.

By recording your team's calls, you can get an idea of ​​how to talk to customers and take the opportunity to improve their permanent communication skills, with winning results for your business!

Discover the call recording, click here!

2. Faster training, more time for important tasks

Speaking of training, if you run a small business, you may need to hire someone from time to time to handle customer calls, and definitely ask to take care of the training before you “launch” them to represent your company.

While showing is always better than true, sharing call recordings with new or temporary operators will allow you to speed up learning.
This way you will have more time to dedicate yourself to the most important activities such as sales or service.
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3. Free feedback to improve your product

You may never have thought about it, but call recordings are also great opportunities to better understand both your company's customers and prospects as well as current ones.

When you have a clear idea of ​​how your potential customers think and understand their wishes and needs, it will be much easier to set up targeted and effective marketing campaigns and more!

You will better understand how customers use your product, what could be improved, and this invaluable feedback can be translated into products and services that more effectively meet customer expectations.

4. Use customer stories

At this point, while you are registering, if you do your job well it will happen that the customers who call your company will talk about their experience with the product or service you offer, saying maybe why they chose it, how it helped them and so on.

Know that that content will not only serve as business feedback, but could be used to create a "customer success story" useful for marketing campaigns.

After all, isn't word of mouth the best ally of any activity? Why not make the most of it?
Now try to think about everything you would have lost without call recording and everything to do with this simple function:

- More efficient customer service
- Better internal training
- More performing sales activities
- More detailed information database

And you, dear entrepreneur, are you ready to increase your business by recording your calls through the Cloud phone system? And above all, would you know how to choose the right one for your company?

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