3 May 2022

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8 Reasons to Move to a Cloud Phone System


Are you thinking of changing your phone system?


Switching to a cloud PBX is fundamental for your company as it will help you find new customers and make your company even more productive. A PBX should be intuitive and simple to use to help your business.


Corporate PBXs give your business credibility, professionalism and make it more accessible (think of the telephone assistance service), globally improving the perception of your company towards customers.


Here you can find 8 advantages of cloud PBX that will allow you to make your company even more productive and efficient.





8 best advantages of cloud PBX

A cloud PBX is a perfect solution to manage team calls and communications from anywhere using any device from anywhere in the world you are.

1 - You do not need the normal telephone line

If you have previously used a traditional PBX as a means of managing calls for your business, the cloud will allow you to eliminate the landline.

You can use it with an internet connection. This means that you can work freely from anywhere in the world and manage your team in an intuitive and simple way.

2 - You can make calls through your computer and mobile apps

One of the biggest changes to PBXs in recent years has been the introduction of video chats and to make calls from a computer.

Furthermore, you can take advantage of both your computer and smartphone to make calls but also video conferences so you can be more productive and always connected to your company telephone line.

3 - Integrations of Voxloud PBX

The integrations between cloud phone systems and applications (such as CRM or contact books) allow all these tools to communicate automatically with the cloud phone system, centralizing information and automating the processes of the applications / cloud phone system.

This is a strong point of our Cloud PBX. Inclusiveness and flexibility in one click.

With the integrations and synchronization with your CRM you will be able to see the calls made and received for each individual contact, with the address books instead you can synchronize the contacts between the cloud phone system and the address book to offer an increasingly professional service.

Thanks to the integration of Voxloud cloud PBX, employees can use their applications together with the PBX wherever they are without having to be in the office, as both are cloud-based tools and can be integrated with the Voxloud PBX.

With a cloud PBX, you can therefore use both the PBX and applications anywhere and without difficulty, because they communicate with each other and allow you to always have them with you, wherever you go.
centralino in cloud Voxloud

4 - The Cloud is synonymous with flexibility and dynamism

Our cloud PBX not only has no activation fee, but also allows you to engage in remote work. Working with a cloud PBX is easier in terms of both call management and call forwarding. In fact, team members don't need to be in the same office (or even in the same city!) To work together and in harmony.

PBXs simplify small business communications by consolidating many features into a single application via smartphone or computer.

Instead of using multiple tools for call transfer, call logs, conference calls, online meetings, you can do it all in one system: the cloud PBX.

Cloud PBXs offer many features to increase productivity: you can also easily integrate your telephone system with online tools such as Microsoft Outlook, Google Apps, help desk software and customer relationship management (CRM) systems, controlling and managing all in one tool, namely the cloud PBX.

5 - The Voxloud PBX is scalable

Our cloud PBX can be sized with a click to meet your business needs. You can add and remove features such as call forwarding without investing in new physical hardware and above all you can add or remove users in a few clicks without the need for a technician.

This flexibility is one of the main reasons why the most dynamic and productive companies are switching to VoIP and cloud PBXs, together with the fact that you only pay for what you use and therefore the business costs are optimized.

6 - The cloud PBX represents the future

It is no secret that the traditional PBX is an obsolete and cumbersome system. The future is certainly more and more digital and using a tool that integrates with your digital platforms such as the cloud PBX will innovate your company.

7 - It is reliable

If for some reason the internet line of the office does not work, you can use the cloud phone system on smartphones with the mobile data line.

Thanks to the cloud you will have the security that your data will not be lost or tampered with. The Voxloud cloud PBX separates business calls from personal calls.

In addition, Voxloud uses Amazon's AWS server which offers very high security and reliability.

Customers often switch to Voxloud when they discover that we have a very reliable network and that all data will never be lost and there is no worry of a cyber attack.

We have servers that meet very high security protocols, there are backups, having the servers in the cloud if one does not work there will always be a second available.

Data security and business continuity are the cornerstones of our cloud communications network.

8 - Easy customization 

The cloud phone system is easy to configure thanks to a very intuitive control panel, within everyone's reach.

Your cloud phone system will already be efficient with the default settings, but if you want to give it a personal touch by changing the automatic message or the music on hold, you can do it yourself with a simple click!

Put simply, cloud PBXs offer significant advantages over physical ones.

With the cloud PBX:

- Very often there are no activation costs
- No maintenance
- You only pay for what you use
- A simple and intuitive control panel
- No technicians required to manage settings, integrations, mobile apps

With the cloud phone system you can eliminate the communication barrier, improving the motivation of your team members and finally eliminating all those cumbersome and inefficient steps.



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