27 January 2022

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7 tips to build efficient teamwork and improve your business

We have all worked as a team at least once and we know how to recognize the signs of a poor team that performs badly: weak trust, communication, little trust and missed goals. Not to mention the lack of fun and celebration of results.


So why is teamwork important and what can be done to improve it?


An organized and productive team offers benefits for the individual and the company.


When an individual is seen as a member of the team, they feel invited and reap benefits such as  happiness and fulfillment. This provides stimulation, a sense of accomplishment and intellectual learning, all of which are beneficial for the company itself in the long run.


The company therefore benefits from the high productivity offered by teamwork. Healthy teams mean engaged, productive employees and a vibrant workplace culture. But it also means that people interact more, which helps to get work done efficiently and stimulates innovation.


How to enable teamwork in the workplace



Teamwork must be catalysed, becoming part of the workplace culture and an integral part of the people, processes and corporate culture. Once that happens, the workplaces become more fun, productive and creative.


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1 - Divide your tasks

2 - Ask for help

3 - Train out loud

4 - Share a method

5 - Achieve a common goal

6 - Celebrate the milestones

7 - Voxloud cloud phone system



Here are 7 ways to make teamwork a growth engine in your company



1. Divide the work


Teamwork does not mean that everyone does everything together. Request the organization and composition of each project in its component parts. Then choose who will do what, based on their experience, interest and availability. A good project manager will help you with this.



2. Ask for help


Getting the job done takes time to focus on your task and the ability to tap into others when you need it. This is teamwork. So when you need inspiration, experience or support, ask for it.


For example, when working on a group project it is important to brainstorm because the best ideas come from team ideas, everyone will contribute to make the project perfect.



3. Train out loud


So your team is organized and your head is down on your task. It's time to start training out loud. It is imperative that your team stay connected as the project progresses.



Find quick ways to let those around you know what you've discovered, what mini-milestones you've just passed, or what problem you're facing. Overcoming poor internal communications with a regular meeting where everyone provides a quick, informal update of where they are can be a game changer here.



4. Share a method


When you ask teammates for input in an open way, don't expect much. People are busy in the workplace and don't know where to start. Instead, share a draft - a prototype or schematic of where you're headed.


Your co-workers will feel much more comfortable building and suggesting alternatives to things they know you're not overly skilled at.


For example you can use project management tools to be more organized and smart.

Here you can find the most common tools: 


  • Jira
  • Trello
  • Asana

5. Achieve a common goal


If you want to be a team, you have to share a common goal. What is the big goal you strive for? How does reaching the next milestone contribute to this? Where does the contribution of each teammate fit in? Knowing your work matters takes teamwork to the next level.


6. Celebrate the milestones


Appreciate the work of your teammates. Take some time to say "thank you" for small, specific contributions to teamwork. And when you reach a milestone towards your goal, take some time to celebrate together.



7. Voxloud cloud phone system 


The cloud phone system is the perfect solution to communicate and work better, especially in remote working. Thanks to the absence of wires and servers, you will not need installation technicians who will come to the office, just do everything online and activate the cloud phone system in 59 seconds.


Cloud technology will also allow you to work from wherever you want and make the most of the momentary smart working regime.

Just to give an idea, here is a preview of the advantages of our cloud phone system :


  • You can work anywhere without geographical restrictions
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Want to know if Voxloud is right for you?



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