7 December 2021

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7 tips to be 80% more productive

A good manager is one who can best organize his time and, subsequently, the time and space of others who work in the office. After all, if you can't take care of yourself, how can you expect to take care of all the other workers?

If you need a little more help making the most of your time at work, or if you feel like you've already learned all the skills you need, delve into this chapter. You never know what tip or trick could make things even easier for you.

Here are 7 tips to be more productive by 80%

1. Monitor your activities

Keeping track of your activities is essential and to do this you need to use various software such as Google Tasks, Google Keep, Basecamp, Trello or just a simple phone app that allows you to create lists and lists.

It will seem trivial but without clearing your mind from remembering homework and making sure everything is organized, you won't be productive enough.

To better track your activities you can use tools such as Jira, Monday that are used to manage activities and tasks in a better way.

2. Set an email reading time

If you need to read a lot of emails, take some time between activities or meetings. For example, define a range between 11am to 11.15am and then move on to another activity, without having to worry about constantly checking your inbox or letting emails interfere with your activities.

3. Use your most productive time for difficult activities

This ties in perfectly with our next productivity tip, but before you get to that, you'll need to identify what your most productive time is: Are you a night owl or a morning bird? Whatever it is, be sure to place your difficult task during that period of time that you feel is the most productive for you.

Of course, this won't always be possible, but whenever you can, plan your activities accordingly. This way you will be able to give your best for that achievement and get it done in a shorter amount of time.

Some people recommend tackling the hardest task first, and if you are more productive at the start of your program then this is probably good advice. All the more so if you are a person who stresses a lot on what needs to be done next.

4. Use your least productive time for more easy activities

Often you find yourself on an agenda full of things to do and you just don't know where to start. Our advice is to start with the fastest things to complete so that you will start to pace your day.
Gradually your to-do list will be less and less crowded.

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5. Say "No"

Most people fail at their jobs because they have an inherent need to please everyone around them, including or especially their bosses. But these people end up breaking down over time.

That is why it is important to learn how to say "No". A true professional understands that it is not essential and should not be outside of business hours.
If you usually work 8 or 9 hours a day, all your activities should be done within that time limit. If not, just say "No" to deadlines that are too short or activities that can't fit into your work schedule.

If you choose to say "Yes" more often than it should be, you will inevitably end up missing deadlines or pushing them. While it might not seem like a bad thing at first, especially if all parties are lenient, over time your performance will drop significantly and everyone around you will start complaining about you or your department.

6. Delegate (or be selfless)

If you have other people working with you or for you, be sure to delegate some of your duties to them. After all, this is why these people are employed to relieve the burden of work. At the same time, you are also allowing them to grow and learn professionally by having more tasks to tackle.

It is important to understand that not delegating tasks makes you not only less productive but also poor at your job. By keeping all the tasks to yourself, you are not only making your life impossible, but you are also putting yourself at the center of attention, at the expense of those who work alongside you. So, be selfless to become more productive.

7. Be more productive with a cloud phone system

Another tool to use to increase your productivity is the cloud phone system that allows you to:

- work from all over the world
- manage teams that work both from home and from the office
- pay only for what you consume
- activate the phone system in just 59 seconds



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