2 March 2022

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7 tips that will boost your productivity

Productivity and motivation are two related concepts: there is no productivity without motivation, and motivation increases when we are most productive.

Every day, even if we don't notice, we waste hours doing cumbersome activities that could actually be completed much faster with tricks to be more organized and efficient.

Here are 7 tips we need to try to be even more productive:



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1 - Prioritize the most urgent tasks

2 - Learn to say no

3 - Check your email only in some timeslot

4 - Short but efficient meetings

5 - Do one activity at a time

6 - Have you ever heard of structured procrastination?

7 - Become more productive with cloud phone system


1. Prioritize the most urgent tasks

Today's worker has a thousand things to do at all times, a thousand activities to finish which should be categorized by priority to be completed in the best possible way.
He finds ways to avoid being continually distracted by activities like emails and notifications. The best way to manage your priorities well is to list the activities and rate them for high, medium and low priority.

For example, you can use business software which are used to continuously see the progress of your projects and how much is missing to complete them.

2. Learn to say no

Stop trying to please everyone! It's much easier said than done, we know, but by overloading yourself with work, you not only risk not being able to get things done and meet deadlines but the quality of ALL your work suffers.

Sometimes it's best to turn down business management so you can focus on the most important work. If you do it right, co-workers will understand you and respect you for it.

3. Check your email only in some timeslot

Did you know that every time we get a ping indicating a new email or notification, our brain gets a dopamine shot? Dopamine is the neurotransmitter responsible for feelings of reward and pleasure, and it can be addictive. That's why it's so easy to go and check the content of your emails or new messages right away, but at the expense of productivity.

Our advice is to set some timeslot every day dedicated exclusively to checking emails.

4. Short but efficient meetings

Communication is key, even listening to the employee's point of view.

Employees need to be able to express their opinions on business questions, in fact group discussions provide the perfect idea for meeting new ideas and gathering on how to improve and grow the company.

Spend time with you and your team by meeting during the week to help build the group, but try not to waste too much time on extremely long and unproductive ones.

Voxloud has a jolly: videoconferencing!

5. Do one activity at a time, multitasking is not as useful as you think

Do one thing at a time, DON'T try to sound seem multitasking.
The effects of multitasking can be manifold: from simple tiredness to difficulty concentrating up to a lower performance, to a deterioration in the quality of work, with consequent psychophysical repercussions such as stress and anxiety.

The idea of ​​carrying out two or more operations at the same time to save time is therefore counterproductive. Often one is forced to resume single operations several times, with frustration, and that time that was believed to gain a lot will actually be lost irretrievably. All this translates into one word: STRESS.

6. Have you ever heard of structured procrastination?

Nobody's perfect. We all procrastinate at times, the important thing is to change our attitude in order to complete the work activities.

In 1996, John Perry, a professor of philosophy at Stanford University, coined the term "structured procrastination" to indicate a tactic that exploits the weaknesses of the hardened procrastinator to force him to get something done anyway.

The trick is to put the most important tasks at the top of the to-do list and fill the other items with less important, but still useful, chores. Rest assured that you will gradually start the activities and catch up with all the backward activities.

centralino in cloud Voxloud
7. Become more productive with cloud phone system

The cloud PBX is the perfect solution to communicate and work better, especially in smart working. Thanks to the absence of wires and devices, you will not need installation technicians who will come to the office, just do everything online and activate everything in 59 seconds.

The cloud PBX is perfect for employees who work remotely but also for office workers, allowing them to make/receive calls anywhere and anytime. You read that right: your phones and phone lines are no longer tied to your physical location / office.

Your employees can make calls from another city or state on their own, always keeping the same number and customers will continue to see the same number.

If employees work both inside and outside the office, with Voxloud they can always have the cloud phone system and the company's landline number with them.

For example, a figure like the salesman who works in the office and travels often, can manage his days freely, always having his cloud phone system in his pocket. He can either use an app on his smartphone to make / receive calls, or use the cloud phone system in the office or from a desktop app.

Just to give an idea, here is a preview of the advantages of our cloud phone system:

- You can work anywhere without geographical restrictions
- Activation in 59 seconds, without technicians or installers
- Organize team video conferences
- No hidden costs, one simple bill

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