5 April 2022

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7 aspects in which you will save time and money thanks to your cloud PBX

The cloud PBX is spreading among companies, replacing the traditional PBX, also thanks to the increasingly widespread remote working.

In fact, the cloud phone system allows better management of remote working, being an extremely flexible solution that can also be used on the move.

The cloud phone system offers many advanced features compared to the classic PBX.

⚡️Call forwarding also to a mobile number

⚡️Possibility to work from all over the world

⚡️Fax via e-mail feature

⚡️Possibility to make video conferences and video calls

⚡️Integration with CRM and other corporate databases

We found out how you will save money in remote work!


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- Rent and utilities

- Cleaning services

- Food

- Taxes

- Increased employee loyalty

- Increased productivity

- The Voxloud cloud PBX



7 aspects in which you will save with remote working


  1. Rent and utilities: if most of your team works from home using the cloud PBX, you won't have to pay for larger rooms, saving on rent and utilities. And this already represents a big turning point, because the money saved can be invested to hire new resources or digital tools or to find new customers and therefore grow your company even more.


  1. Cleaning services: With few staff working in attendance you won't need to clean as often as before.


  1. Food: Whether it's providing a cafeteria service or serving refreshments at meetings, if you have employees working from home, you'll eliminate this cost.


  1. Taxes: There are 3 factors that determine a company's tax burden: payroll, sales, and ownership. Making changes to accommodate remote workers could impact the tax burden and even any licenses to use traditional PBXs, which are often underestimated.


Although saving money is important, there are other more subtle or less visible advantages at first glance but which then have a great impact on business savings.


  1. Increased employee loyalty: Recruiting can be a major headache for companies, and it can be even more frustrating when those carefully researched team members decide to leave.


Working from home can provide parents with the flexibility of managing their children while other workers can enjoy a better work-life balance that will help your company see improvement in employee retention. The happier the customers are, the better they work and it will be harder to see them leave.


  1. Increased productivity: While some degree of trust is needed to allow employees to work from home, your business could benefit from increased productivity. A Stanford study found that remote workers are 13% more productive than their office counterparts.


Remote workers are not in a noisy environment and are not distracted by their colleagues. Additionally, remote workers don't have the stress of commuting every day, meaning they can focus on the task at hand rather than needing time to calm down after dealing with the morning rush hour.



  1. The Voxloud cloud PBX

But how to manage your team remotely while saving money but making it productive?


Just use the right tools that help you manage your team from anywhere in the world.

The Voxloud cloud PBX does not need to be installed but you can activate it in just 59 seconds.


The PBX offers many features to increase productivity: You can also easily integrate your phone system with online tools such as Microsoft Outlook, Google Apps, help desk software and customer relationship management (CRM) systems.


A cloud PBX allows you to work remotely and organize all company work such as voicemail, call logs, videoconferencing to organize meetings with employees and customers remotely.


Take your company to the frequency of the future with the Voxloud PBX. Find out by clicking below why you should choose Voxloud 👇




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