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6 ways a cloud-based phone system improves remote workforce productivity

An integrated cloud-based phone system is well suited to meet the needs of any business


Now telecommuting among teleworkers and her BYOD policy can be quickly and easily adjusted to meet the needs of managers and employees. 


Switching to the cloud system provides a flexible and cost-effective solution. Cloud systems allow for easily adaptable staffing by adding multiple phone lines without the need for maintenance or technical staff. 



Employees gain greater flexibility and mobility by having a company phone and number they can take with them anywhere, and IT professionals gain full management and control over field worker phone services. 


All-inclusive billing eliminates separate landline charges and VoIP reduces long distance charges. Simply contact one of these SIP trunking providers and start your journey towards a more flexible and affordable solution for your workplace.

But how can a modern and flexible cloud-based phone system let your team be more productive, even if they are not in the office?


6 ways a cloud-based phone system improves remote workforce productivity



1 - Use the same phone system between in-office and remote workers


Giving employees full-featured business desk phones in remote or home offices is simple when your company moves to the cloud


Moreover, moving to a more agile company is easier than ever nowadays.


For instance, having access to corporate files thanks to cloud access also makes everyday work faster and smarter.


Remote workers and their on-site counterparts can connect via audio conferencing and video web meetings.


Your staff may communicate with the appropriate team members at the appropriate time and make better decisions more rapidly thanks to the ability to swiftly set up audio conferences or web meetings using an online webinar platform.




These phones automatically interface with the corporate directory, voicemail, and other essential components of a business phone system, in contrast to consumer-grade handsets.


This especially with the integrations (have you taken a look at Voxloud’s integrations here?).


Even employees who work mostly on-site can work part-time from home using their fully functional VoIP desk phones or by using a mobile app to access the same services from their mobile device.


Even when calling from their mobile or home lines, employees won't ever again be required to call clients and customers using their personal number, maintaining privacy.

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2 - Make your company more flexible and on the go


By transferring the on-premise PBX phone system outside of the building and onto the cloud, a cloud phone system dissolves walls


Regardless of where they are physically located, office employees and remote employees alike can benefit from the features and functionalities of a robust business phone system.

voxloud cloud based phone system


An app for mobile devices enables workers to stay connected to the company phone system even when they leave their distant workplaces.


Any device, including a desk phone, a smartphone, a tablet, and a personal computer running the softphone application, can be used by employees.


By simply inserting the desk phone into an Ethernet socket, it is possible to link it to the primary corporate phone system from any location.

3 - Reduce costs


A cloud-based phone system removes separate landlines and reduces long-distance call costs. Additionally, it offers a fixed monthly invoice with all lines for your whole staff, including remote workers


This results in a streamlined billing process that spares your staff the time-consuming task of creating expense reports and does away with the requirement for managers and corporate accounting to authorize numerous phone bills.


Take a look at the Voxloud cloud PBX pricing here.



4 - Increase control and viability


The capacity of a corporation to operate will always depend on security, which is a major concern in the telecommunications industry. 


A cloud-based solution gives IT more security control and, if necessary, satisfies auditing and compliance standards such obligatory call tracking.


A cloud phone system's extensive feature set enables managers to track agent/employee productivity and evaluate the efficiency of important phone-based employees such as distant workers and telephone sales representatives.



centralino in cloud Voxloud

5 - Enable flexible staffing


Most IT professionals today feel a responsibility to support the percentage of their workforce that spends all or part of their time in a virtual office or "telework."


With Cloud Phone System, you can easily set up remote locations, add remote workers to support rapid or slow growth, and handle seasonal business spikes. 


Remote workers can also be used to support customers, partners, or colleagues. Support agents can take advantage of features like call forwarding that transfers calls to its mobile device when it leaves a primary location, so it never misses a call while on the go.


These features allow IT departments to connect remote workers in the same way as office workers, while maintaining full control over their telephony services. Customers can now connect to  remote employees as if they were sitting in the office.

6 - Make the team more focus and quick with the integrations


The integrations let the cloud-based phone system to communicate with other platforms, such as CRMs, phone book, help desks and many others.


The integrations can help you to be more productive and fast thanks to the ability to centralize all the calls information in a single place, whether the PBX or the platform itself.


Voxloud offers more than 40 integrations with the most used CRMs and platforms. Find out here more!


Voxloud cloud-based phone system: what are the advantages for you?


Voxloud is the first cloud-based phone system that activates in 59 seconds, it is developed to improve the professional image of SMBs. It allows you to:


  • Answer and manage every call in one click
  • Working remotely saving money
  • Receive free assistance 7/7


Voxloud is like having another collaborator within your team.


It supports you in managing the flow of calls that your company has to deal with every day. You will have the possibility to keep everything under control even when you are not physically in the company.


centralino in cloud voxloud appVoxloud cloud-based phone system: desktop and mobile apps, control panel and VoIP desk phone

Voxloud is for you if:


  • You never want to miss important calls from customers or prospects again
  • You no longer want to risk compromising your company's image
  • You no longer want to be a slave to your job


Activating it is very easy: you just need 59 seconds and your cloud-based pbx is ready to be used.


✔ Cloud-based PBX that can be activated in 59”

✔ 30 days satisfied or refunded

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