22 February 2022

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6 tips all true leaders should know

The word "leadership" comes from the English "to lead" (lead, lead). Being a leader therefore means leading a group of people towards a goal. From this definition we already understand two characteristics of a leader:

- is able to be followed (otherwise he could not lead anyone)


- knows what he wants to achieve, (therefore) he has set goals.


The leader is such in his attitude and behavior every day.


Before working with others, a good leader works on himself: he is able to guide his intentions, faces a process of inner growth, is curious, prone to continuous learning and always puts himself on the line.


The leader, before making decisions, prefers to first listen to advice and suggestions from other people.


Furthermore, he tends not to give orders, but to involve employees in the tasks he assigns them.



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1 - Become more emotionally intelligent

2 - Focus on your strengths

3 - Motivate your team

4 - Communicate your values

5 - Help train future leaders

6 - Use technology and tools to improve your leadership



Here you can find 6 tips every leader should keep in mind:



  1. Become more emotionally intelligent


Emotional intelligence can be described as the ability of an individual to recognize, discriminate and identify, to label appropriately and, consequently, to manage their emotions and those of others in order to achieve certain goals.


Emotional intelligence is essential for good leadership.


Emotionally intelligent leaders are motivators, coaches, and mentors. They are aware of their needs, the needs of the team and attentive to their decisions. When you have high emotional intelligence, you can pick up on someone else's emotions.


  1. Focus on your strengths


Increasing your leadership skills doesn't mean focusing on your weaknesses, but improving your strengths. If you focus only on your weaknesses, you can undermine your strengths.

When you focus on your strengths, you work smarter and more efficiently. Become aware of your gifts and abilities and how you use these strengths in new ways.


  1. Motivate your team


Being a leader means being part of a team, and as a leader you should be able to motivate and inspire those you work with to partner in the best possible way. When a team member needs encouragement or guidance, offer it. Sometimes, all a person needs is someone who listens to them and is understanding.

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  1. Communicate your values ​​and those of the company


An effective leader must have a clear vision and concrete values ​​in order to inspire and motivate their employees. Values ​​are essential and show that you are a credible leader. Profit is important to every company, but it shouldn't be the only value for an executive.


Employees appreciate working in a large team, having flexible working hours, job security, training and personal development, a comfortable work environment and a job that makes them feel like they are making a difference.


People usually want to work with a leader who understands their values ​​and needs and who has authentic values ​​that they themselves pursue.


  1. Help train future leaders


There is always a need for good leadership, and part of being a great leader is just making sure there is someone who can take your place when needed.


Thinking about the future in this way is a strong sign of leadership. The organization will benefit from always having someone to turn to, even though the manager on duty is not available. When employees are educated on how to become leaders, they are also more motivated to take responsibility for their jobs.


Leaders should understand the value of education and skill set development, cultivate talent within the workforce, and be able to identify and mentor individuals who could become the leaders of the future.

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  1. Use technology and tools to improve your leadership


As the use of technology in the workplace is increasingly widespread, as a manager you should reap the benefits that technology can bring to your business. Technology can help in a number of ways in the operation of a business, such as to increase productivity, help you enter new markets and facilitate the achievement of your business vision.


It is vital for strong leadership that you understand and inform yourself about the technologies that are involved in your organization. You can then improve the way they are used to get the most benefit.

It is also essential to understand what challenges there might be and how to do it.


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