8 June 2021

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6 reasons to choose a cloud phone system


Why should you abandon your traditional phone system in favor of a cloud phone system?


If you think there are just a couple of the benefits you could get from it, maybe you are underestimating the situation, because I found 6 of them to bring to your attention.


Are you ready to discover them?


1. Cost savings

The aims of a company are the search for profit and the reduction of business costs.

With a cloud phone system you have the opportunity to save drastically compared to a traditional phone system.


  • No activation costs
  • No setup costs
  • No maintenance costs
  • No hardware costs


And also, forget the endless technical interventions, which in addition to being expensive, interrupt the flow of business calls causing the potential loss of customers and money!


Now do you understand why the cloud phone system is a great way to promote the potential profit of the company from all points of view?


2. Business Scalability

The cloud phone system, unlike a traditional phone system, moves with your business:


Do you want to hire new employees?

Do you want to open a new company headquarters?

With a traditional phone system, you will have tons of problems to solve! 


With a cloud phone system you can vary the number of your extensions without having to purchase a new "physical" phone system.


Just add new extensions from your control panel and they will automatically communicate, regardless of where they are located, just in a few clicks.


Simple, regular, smart.


3. Transform the image of your company

If you want to transform your company in the eyes of your customers and magically make it bigger and more authoritative, the cloud phone system can be an excellent ally!


  • Call forwarding
  • Call recording
  • Automatic answer to calls
  • Fully customizable messages and music on hold
  • Call transfer between extensions
  • Multi-site call transfer (e.g. from Rome office to Milan office) manageable with a single account from the control panel
  • App for Windows / Mac / iOS / Android
  • Setting the Opening & Closing times
  • Integration with other cloud and CRM software (HubSpot, Google, etc.).

All these services listed here are usually offered by large companies, but you can also offer them with low costs ... thanks to the cloud phone system!


4. No hardware needed


Forget expensive and cumbersome hardware, cards and upgrades, because with the cloud phone system, all you need is your smartphone or PC / Mac application (and possibly, if you want, a VoIP phone).


It will be like having the phone system always in your pocket.


5. Automatic Updates

What if I told you that by changing your phone system you could also save time to invest in business?


Think about it: how much time do you waste behind the technicians during the constant updates of the traditional phone system?


With the cloud phone system, updates will always be automatic, and you can focus more on your work without distractions.


Your office wherever you are

If you want to work from your office, or while you are traveling, or while you are comfortably at home, with the cloud phone system  you can do it, because it is not geographically linked to any place.


Calls will come to you no matter where you are, and the prospect will never notice the difference, so you don't lose credibility.


Here are the other benefits of this feature:


  • Handle all incoming calls from one or more stations
  • Internal calls and call transfers between offices 
  • Possibility of having one or more numbers with the same account
  • IVR or customizable answer rules for each number through the control panel

In short, it's a little different from the usual traditional phone system, don't you think?


6. Customer service improvement

Is there anything worse than a wait or a lack of response for a customer during office opening hours?


Yet this happens quite frequently, because maybe the employees at that moment are engaged in something else! How can you solve this situation and significantly lower the percentage of lost customers?


Surely your customer service would stand out with personalized and professional automatic reply messages that greet the customer even when you cannot physically respond. You can set the message simply from your control panel, with a simple click, whenever you want!


And in case of no answer, you can also set up automatic call forwarding ... In this way the user experience will be much better.


Believe me, your communication would certainly have a boost!


And you, dear entrepreneur, are you ready to migrate your traditional phone system to a cloud phone system? 


And above all, would you know how to choose the right one for your company?



Best regards,      
Leonardo Coppola