12 April 2022

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5 ways Voxloud PBX helps you be more efficient at work

Every company needs a cloud phone system to carry out normal office activities such as calling customers and suppliers.

Sure, you can also use email, chat and messaging platforms, but nothing comes close to the effectiveness and immediacy of the phone call.

A cloud phone system is the tool you can professionally make and handle calls, whether with customers or suppliers.

Corporate phone systems give your business credibility and make it more accessible (think of the telephone assistance service), globally improving the perception of your company towards customers.

Try to think about the perception that you can offer by showing a company number or toll-free number on the homepage of your company website compared to a simple personal mobile phone. Quite often, customers feel much safer and more comfortable calling a corporate landline than a simple cell phone.



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1 - Have you ever heard of the Eisenhower Matrix?

2. Take a break for each completed project

3. Draw up a list of things "completed"

4. If you want to meet deadlines, rather than schedule everything, add things to do a little at a time



Find out with 5 techniques to keep in mind.

Have you ever heard of the Eisenhower Matrix?

The Pareto Principle states that 80% of the target results can be achieved with 20% of the total time investment. But the problem is that often employees in the other 80% take care of tasks that only lead to 20% of the results.

Following the Eisenhower method, the user first performs the important and urgent tasks and then devotes himself to those projects that are equally important, but less urgent. Less important tasks, on the other hand, are delegated to other people or sometimes abandoned altogether.

Below we provide an overview of the four quadrants:

A - important and urgent: these tasks have the highest priority and must be completed immediately, otherwise the set objectives are not achieved.

B - important but not urgent: these tasks must also be completed in order to be able to achieve their goals, but the deadline can be slightly postponed.

C - urgent but not important: these tasks must be closed promptly, but since they are of lesser importance according to the Eisenhower matrix, they can be delegated to someone else.

D - neither important nor urgent: the tasks that are within this quadrant close the list of priorities, since they are of little or no relevance to achieving the objectives and therefore must not be completed with particular urgency. If there is little time left, these tasks can be left unfinished.

The Eisenhower Matrix helps you improve your time management. A clear and unambiguous definition of priorities leads to the realization of the most important projects.

2. Take a break for each completed project

The tomato technique consists of working at 25-minute intervals with 5-minute breaks in between. Many appreciate it and are happy with this technique, but it is not necessarily for you: this is because it can often be very complicated to complete tasks in such a short time.

If you are the type who likes to finish something before taking a moment to relax, you should revisit this method to adapt it to the way you work.

Therefore, feel free to stay focused on an activity until you have completed it, after which, take a break but take it for real!

In this way you will be able to develop an objective - reward system for you and your collaborators, in which you set a small achievable goal (the project) and the small reward (the moment of relaxation). This will make the break even more enjoyable and you will be able to close more projects!

3. Draw up a list of things "completed"

By writing down all the tasks you complete, you always have an eye on how you spend your time.

This method has a double advantage: you will be able to make better decisions when you have concrete data on your work and you will also be more motivated to continue, being able to visually see your progress.

4. If you want to meet deadlines, rather than schedule everything, add things to do a little at a time

Proponents of the “plan anything” method are convinced that all projects should be given a day and time for completion.

The solution to reduce the number of commitments and at the same time not lose sight of deadlines, is to fill the calendar only once a week.

So keep an eye on a main list of all the things to do (divided into simple tasks to do), then add them to the calendar on a weekly basis. I find that this regular review gives more flexibility and allows at the same time to meet deadlines and always stay on top of long-term projects.

5. 2-minute rule

Have you ever heard of the 2 minute rule?

Here is his definition: If an action takes less than 2 minutes, do it right away. It is based on the idea that if it takes more time to plan something than to do it, then it pays to take action immediately.

The 2-minute rule encourages you to do any commitment that takes 120 seconds or less right away. It is also true, however, that by adopting this method you would not have time to do more demanding jobs.

So instead of doing something right away as soon as it is assigned to you, write it down and later, when you have a large number of these minor tasks, do them and complete them all at once. This will prevent your workflow from being constantly interrupted by so many micro activities, while ensuring that you are carrying out all of your tasks.

There are multiple options for organizing and addressing your to-do list, just find the one that best suits your needs.

Another wild card to use to increase your productivity is the cloud PBX that allows you to:

- work from all over the world
- manage teams that work both from home and from the office
- pay only for what you consume
- activate the pbx in just 59 seconds

Our cloud PBX is a 100% user-friendly system - which can be activated quickly and in total autonomy - which connects with your corporate CRM, allowing you to:

- Arrange meetings and appointments with clients

- Communicate with all your collaborators

- Organize business video calls

- Manage customer assistance service

- Integrate video conferencing, instant messaging, smart working and multi-site work capabilities

All through a single platform: just download our app on the device of your choice - PC, smartphone or tablet - and activate our cloud phone system in just 59 seconds!

And you, are you still using a traditional PBX, struggling between cables, servers and assistance to configure anything? Click below and discover the advantages of a cloud PBX compared to a physical one! 👇