14 July 2022

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5 Reasons You Should Switch to a Cloud-based Business Phone System Now

You may be hesitant to switch your business phone system to the cloud, but there are many reasons why it makes sense. 


Maybe you're not convinced that the cloud is the best solution or you have legacy tools that work well for you today.


We all tend to stick with what we're used to until we feel pressure to change, but in your business communications, you can't afford to be influenced by external circumstances.

Moreover, it can happen that due to digitalisation and the evolution of the tools, you are almost forced to switch to the cloud.


But today what benefits you can get switching from a traditional to a cloud-based business phone system?


Here you will find 5 reasons why to switch to the cloud



1 - You can make calls through your computer and mobile apps


With the cloud phone system, you can forget the desk phones!


That’s right, just because the cloud phone system runs over the internet, you can use your landline with the desktop app or with the mobile apps (for iOS and Android).


Furthermore, you can take advantage really easily of the video conferences feature built in Voxloud. With just a click!


2 - You can choose the equipment you desire


When you have an on-premise business phone system, you are usually limited to using specific vendors and their equipment. 


For cloud-based phones, like Voxloud, you can choose to lease or buy equipment without the high capital spending on your PBX system. With a cloud-based phone system, all your users need a headset to make and receive calls. Also, with the mobile apps, you can even receive and place calls from our own device!


voxloud cloud based phone system


3 - Save Money


The conventional office phone system can sometimes cost more than expected, especially at first. The components must be accommodated to take into account changes in your organization, usage, and aging. The installation has some costs, as well as the technicians that will install the phone system.


You don't have to worry about expenses in a cloud system - where you know exactly how much you will be charged every month, and before buying it!


Costs are based often on the number of users and include unlimited local and international calls.


You can find all the prices of Voxloud cloud-based business phone system here: https://www.voxloud.com/gb/en/pricing/



4 - No management of Infrastructure


Upgrading a traditional on-premise phone system can be a time-consuming process due to the need to upgrade aging infrastructure and hardware. 


Moreover, if you will need to make any sort of change and customization, you will need a technician in site to make these changes. This means costs, time lost and a general PBX stop.


In the case of a cloud system, the responsibility of updating the infrastructure and software lies with the service provider, rather than the business itself saving you time and money.


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5 - Connecting Teams Anywhere


The traditional in-house phone system limits your ability to take advantage of the benefits of a remote workforce. 


Unless you have advanced settings and costly service upgrades, you can't connect directly to your remote workers and you can’t use the landline number wherever you are. 


A virtual phone system like the cloud eliminates the need for such boundaries.


Since the systems are based in the cloud, the phone traffic can be routed to any connection with internet connectivity (so you can use your office landline on your smartphone wherever you are).


With the cloud-based PBX:


  • Very often there are no activation costs
  • No maintenance
  • You only pay for what you use
  • A simple and intuitive control panel
  • No technicians required to manage settings, integrations, mobile apps


With the cloud phone system you can eliminate the communication barrier, improving the motivation of your team members and finally eliminating all those cumbersome and inefficient steps.


And with Voxloud cloud PBX, you will get:


  • Cloud phone system which is activating in 59 seconds
  • One single fixed price every month
  • Intuitive and simple control panel


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The advantages of a Cloud Phone System:


  • You will work and manage calls from everywhere
  • You won’t need anymore tech support to make one single change in the PBX
  • You won’t need any hardware
  • You will have one single phone bill and the same price, forever


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Leonardo, CEO of Voxloud