19 October 2021

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5 reasons to choose a cloud phone system

By now there are many communication methods and tools used in business environments and it is not obvious to think that telephone lines are less relevant, especially due to the recent growth of videoconferencing.

Phone systems continue to be a fundamental tool for most companies and are also the first point of contact between company / brand and customer.


In this article, we will discuss five reasons why cloud phone systems are essential for a growing business.




1. Easy to use

Cloud Phone systems simplify small business communications by consolidating many features into a single application via smartphone or computer.

Instead of using multiple tools for call transfer, call logs, conference calls, online meetings, you can do it all in one system: the cloud Phone system.


Thanks to an easy and intuitive control panel, you can make changes to the features without the help of any technician, for example:



  • Customize the auto responder message
  • Add custom music
  • Set the opening and closing times



By combining all these features, you will eliminate most of the problems that are limiting your company's productivity today.


Phone systems offer many features to increase productivity - you can also easily integrate your phone system with online tools like Microsoft Outlook, Google Apps, help desk software, and customer relationship management (CRM) systems.


2. Low cost


Traditional pbx are expensive, cumbersome to connect. They have maintenance costs and often require technical support.


Phone systems, especially those in cloud, are much cheaper to install. The most surprising thing is that no installation and maintenance needed.  Only Voxloud takes 59 seconds to activate it.


3. Scalability


Your business may initially need only one phone, but will soon need 50, making your traditional phone system less scalable. The new telephone infrastructure needed to keep up with this growth is expensive, time-consuming to install, confusing and error-prone. And what happens when your business later settles down? You have to pay for 50 phone lines that you rarely use.



There are periods, for all companies, in which the telephone is used more and there are more calls and quieter periods, so the phone system must be able to follow this trend of the company and not vice versa.


The Voxloud phone system can be sized with a click to meet your business needs. You can add and remove features like call forwarding without investing in new physical hardware. This adjustability is one of the main reasons why businesses are growing and switching to VoIP, along with the fact that you only pay for what you use and therefore your business costs are optimized.


4. Privacy


If you rely on your personal phone number for work, it is only a matter of time before your work life enters your personal life. Providing your mobile number to your customers is not the best choice because it means they can call you at any time.



Thanks to the cloud you will have the security that your data will not be lost or tampered with. The Voxloud cloud phone system separates business calls from personal calls. You can easily separate your business calls by using a different phone number. You can also set up automatic forwarding rules to allow others to contact you only when they see fit.

5. Professionalism


Most entrepreneurs who manage to grow their business demonstrate that it is important to always project a professional image. Even when your business is small, it needs to look and act as one of the most established companies in your sector.

A good cloud phone system not only makes your business look great, it arguably increases business credibility. You can create an atmosphere of self-worth and professionalism by quickly routing calls to the right people, delivering high-quality voice messages, and monitoring customer needs with the right tools just like the big companies like amazon, microsoft, google etc...


Offer customer support in just a few steps, such as putting music on hold, seamlessly transferring calls between your office phone and your mobile or transferring calls to other extensions in your company.

Phone systems are important tools for companies that wish to have a professional atmosphere and organization. Even small businesses can take advantage of features like call waiting, call forwarding and music on hold to provide a better experience for their customers.

Put simply, cloud phone systems offer significant advantages over physical ones.



With the cloud cloud phone system:


  • There are no activation costs
  • No maintenance
  • You only pay for what you use
  • No penalty
  • A simple and intuitive control panel
  • No technicians required to manage settings



With the cloud phone system you can eliminate the communication barrier, improving the motivation of your team members and finally eliminating all those cumbersome and inefficient steps. 


Voxloud is the right choice for you.

All through a single platform: just download our app on the device of your choice - PC, smartphone or tablet - and install our phone system in just 59 seconds!



Best regards,      
Leonardo Coppola