30 November 2021

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5 productivity hacks that will transform your team's approach to work

Productivity is the unit of measurement of efficiency in the work process. From this starting point, you can understand how important it is to ensure the full productivity of your team, whether it is made up of 10 members or 100.

In this guide, you'll find 5 productivity tips that will transform your team's approach to work. Let's get started right away.

5 tips to improve your team's productivity right away


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How could your work in the company change if you had a 100% production team? If you really want to invest in time management and staff effectiveness, continue reading: you will find all the best tips to apply right away in the next paragraphs of this guide.

1 - Always set team goals

The first thing to do is the goals of the team. We are not talking about defining company roles or tasks: the goal is a shared arrival point with all team members, on which it is necessary for the growth of the company.

WHAT TO DO? Goals allow them to create priority workspaces in companies. Everyone must achieve the short, medium and long-term goals to be achieved. Involving the team in the construction and definition of the goal stimulates empowerment and the desire to work together for a common and shared purpose.

2 - Have useful meetings

One of the biggest time wasters in your work environment are meetings. Meetings often turn into long chats, which is enough to confuse ideas and lose focus.

WHAT TO DO? Strictly set an agenda for each meeting. Each meeting must have a start time and an end time. There must be a real time schedule to follow and, at the end of the meeting, each of them must know what to do exactly. Before scheduling a meeting, ask yourself if there are other ways to proceed faster, such as through a thread in an email.

3 - Give feedback

Well, let's take it for granted that you have a responsibility to manage your team towards the achievement of business objectives. But have you ever wondered how your team members know if they are really efficient? There is no hope of increasing employee efficiency if they don't know they are inefficient.

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WHAT TO DO? Introducing a feedback system is essential to increase the productivity of staff in the company. Keeping track of performance and giving constructive feedback to everyone is what you need to do to ensure the best result. Don't limit yourself to just feedback though: once you've assessed someone's performance, also ask yourself how it could improve it. Doing this activity requires a very deep knowledge of the talents of each team member and a relationship built on dialogue and mutual understanding.

4 - Compliment your work

One of the most common mistakes among managers is not to recognize the commitment and work of his employees. To motivate the team, a great starting point is the compliment: knowing that you are appreciated is a really powerful engine for a collaborator.

WHAT TO DO? Praise a job well done. Congratulate each team member who achieves their goals profitably. Working hard also implies a personal satisfaction that must be recognized. Don't forget to do this.

5 - Take care of the work environment

The importance of the work environment has now been attested by numerous researches, which reaffirm how much the workplace affects the productivity of the team. Offering everyone the freedom to work in the best way for their needs is your duty, if you aim to increase performance.

WHAT TO DO? Focus on the 4R model to take care of the work environment and transform it into a safe and secure place for all your collaborators. Here are the 4Rs we talk about:

Rejuvenate: renew the atmosphere by removing old office furniture and focusing on something minimal, making a restyling. Remember also that colors play a fundamental role in our psyche: for the walls, the shades of blue help to regain concentration and harmony

Recreate: giving the environment an increasingly natural imprint allows people to feel at ease. According to studies, contact with nature promotes productivity. Insert plants, recreate landscapes with prints and make sure you have excellent natural lighting

Restart: eliminates all causes of distraction from the office. It "resets" the negativity by eliminating the oppressive elements, not only in terms of furnishings. Keeping the doors open, for example, is a sign of openness to the team

Start over: recreate conditions in which your collaborators feel safe and cohesive with each other. Focus on team building activities and make yourself available to listen to establish together everything that can help them express themselves.

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