9 June 2022

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5 leadership skills that build a high performing team

There is no doubt that teamwork is essential to the success of any business. No individual can do all the work alone. That's why leaders need to nurture effective teams and lead them effectively.


Leaders who develop these leadership skills are able to build the most effective teams.



1 - Communication


Teams cannot express themselves to their full potential without strong communication, it is up to leaders to shape communication based on these three factors:


Style: The way you communicate needs to be appropriately matched to the person you're interacting with to help put them at ease. So that it is receptive to what you are communicating.


Facts: Some people are very responsive to the facts and information they receive. If you don't provide the level of information they are looking for, they are likely to put in less effort because they feel there is something missing from the job brief explanation.


Passion: the key is to find the right balance for each individual. Find the style that reflects theirs, include enough facts to satisfy their desire for information and be passionate enough about engaging them and you will see that they will always give it their all.


2 - Time management


Truly efficient teams are able to successfully juggle multiple tasks and most importantly they learn to manage their time effectively. In addition, to be considered leaders, they must create a peaceful environment that allows their teams to deepen the training and tools effectively.


One of the most important skills leaders need to acquire to make time management easier is the ability to delegate effectively. When assigning tasks to a team or individual, it is important to be clear about the expected results and due dates and, above all, to provide them with the opportunity to ask for clarification. This allows the team to accurately prioritize the workload, carry out the necessary planning and carry out the task efficiently.

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3 - Empower the team


Each member of a team must feel responsible and also free to make decisions independently.

Leaders can choose to be autocratic, telling people what to do, or they can engage others and allow them to have more input and involvement in decisions.


Many employees want to contribute to business success but if they are not allowed to do so, the company loses their valuable skills, knowledge and experience. If leadership does not allow participation, the team's abilities are dissipated and rendered null and void.


4 - Decision making process


Decisions made by leaders have a ripple effect: they have the power to influence many aspects of the business organization and change the performance of teams. Since leadership decisions have great power, it's important to make sure they are the right decisions.


All of this information enables leaders to make better decisions and gives them greater confidence in imposing accountability.


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5 - Employee productivity


Employee productivity is a common goal for leaders and an important topic to address. One of the most important elements is to understand how much freedom each individual can manage with the tasks they are assigned.


Some people need a lot of direction and coaching when taking on a particular task, while others just need a few key information before carrying it out. What a particular employee needs depends on how much experience she has with the task at hand.

If they don't have enough knowledge and experience, too much freedom will lead to lower productivity because they will try to learn along the way. On the other hand, if they have a high level of experience and don't have enough freedom to do the job, they will disengage. When maximizing the potential of a team, leaders must allow just the right amount of freedom to match the experience and expertise of the individuals in the team.


In the age of remote working it is important to equip your team with the right means, so that communication is fast and immediate. This allows you to:


- Facilitate teamwork

- Improve internal coordination

- Facilitate the exchange of important information

- Improve communication with customers


A key feature to consider when choosing your communication tools is ease of use, so that none of your employees have problems understanding and managing how they work.


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