31 August 2021

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5 hacks to improve your company through VoIP technology

Cloud phone systems take advantage of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). These systems allow you to use the Internet to make phone calls, as opposed to traditional analog phones which rely on old infrastructure such as copper wires.


At the same time, computers have become more powerful and cheaper, which has helped VoIP providers make leaps and bounds in terms of quality, reliability and functionality. This combination of factors has prompted small businesses to switch to VoIP in incredible quantities.


In this article, we will discover the main reasons why cloud-based phone systems are so popular in small businesses.


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1. No physical equipment to manage

The distinctive feature of a cloud telephone system is that it does not have cables and devices to install. Companies that choose a cloud phone system do not have to purchase or maintain any of this equipment.


With cloud phone system:

  • Lower upfront costs to set up a telephone system
  • Fewer worries as companies will not have to deal with maintenance or unexpected repair or replacement costs when hardware is damaged
  • Companies don't necessarily have to have an IT technician among their employees to keep everything running.


2. Powerful built-in features

The ability to unify all corporate communications into a single platform is only one of the characteristics of a cloud telephone system, and it is also a standard feature. There are many other features that are often already included too and at no additional cost. 

These features can include:



  • Music on hold and customizable messages
  • Quick calls
  • Contact lists
  • Cascade groups
  • Group ringtones
  • Call recording
  • Call analysis
  • Call forwarding
  • Change office hours settings
  • Multiple video conference calls


A traditional telephone system can include these features at a price that is out of reach for a small business or simply cannot include them by their very nature!


What to do then? Spend a lot of budget to have these functions or crack your professional reputation and abandon the idea of ​​the professional phone system?


The answer is one: move to the Voxloud cloud phone system that has thought of all the solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises.


3. Cheaper phone bills


In addition to saving on long-distance call rates, companies can drastically reduce their telephone bills thanks to the cloud phone system!


These savings come from not having to pay for long distance calls, buy or manage equipment, and not have to pay for extra phone lines.


Thanks to Voxloud, one of our clients, Partiva Iva 24: 


  • Saved 50% compared to with the previous phone operator

  • Connected 2 branches 1000 km apart

  • 30 qualified “Partitaiva24” professionals now calling from their offices through Voxloud


4. Integrations  

Even the best traditional phone company would not be able to compete with a cloud phone system when it comes to integrations with business applications.


Here is a simple example of an integrated phone system with a crm and other communication software:


Let's say you run a dental office and one of your patients is calling to reschedule their appointment. With a traditional telephone system, the information you would have available about this patient would be limited perhaps to the telephone number and a name, or the information you would see on the telephone display; to find out more, you should access his registry, placed somewhere in a database or worse handwritten!


A cloud phone system, on the other hand, shows you the entire customer log right on your computer screen or mobile device.


You would see their full name (so you wouldn't have to ask them how to spell their last name and then look it up in your system), their dating history, family members, dates of birth, dating preferences and pending balances. on a single control panel.


You also have the option to take notes on your conversation, and their incoming call would also be logged into your system.


5. Mobility and flexibility


As the boundaries between office and home are becoming less and less clear, many small businesses benefit from having a cloud system that allows them to answer calls from anywhere and use all devices such as smartphones, PCs.


This is why our phone system is so loved: you don't have any kind of constraint, always maintaining the same productivity.


Discover the Voxloud features


Small teams with employees in different roles may also appreciate these features.


For example, if your office manager is driving to the office and a potential new customer is calling to make an appointment five minutes before opening, that call can be forwarded to your office manager (or someone else on your team) instead of being directed to the voicemail.


Or you can answer directly from his mobile phone even if the call is directed to landline


This is a perfect example of how your company has a better chance of acquiring a new customer thanks to these features.


Even small businesses that do not have teams that work remotely can benefit from this function if they have multiple branch offices and want to maintain a high level of productivity and communication in the company.


While a traditional phone system would require unique configurations across all locations, the cloud phone system can connect each of your locations to the same phone service.


If you own a small business, you will surely have a lot to do and shouldn't worry about the finer details of maintaining a telephone system.


A cloud phone system allows you to "set it and forget it" independently and if there is something you need to customize or change, just a few clicks.


To summarize, with the cloud phone system:


  • You can work anywhere without geographical restrictions
  • Activation in 59 seconds, without the use of technicians
  • Organize team video conferences
  • You only pay for the features you use
  • No hidden costs
  • There are no penalties



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Leonardo Coppola