21 October 2021

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5 hacks to be 100% more productive

In these almost 2 years, many companies have had to face and implement remote working in a hurry.

This has led to a distortion of habits and approaches to be followed in order not to be left behind and not create problems for corporate well-being.
As a consequence, we had to deal with a different management of the team, since in the absence of face-to-face meetings the relationships have changed, generating communication problems.

This is why it is the important one with new tools and strategies that can be the fill that remote working has highlighted.
For example, create group and individual meetings with video conferencing daily and weekly on a regular basis, so as not to miss any important steps and better manage the team.

To intensify and organize your work directly from home, here are some tips to keep in mind.


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  • Create a dedicated space
  • Recreate the coffee breaks
  • Plan your day before it begins
  • Avoid unnecessary distractions
  • Increase productivity



5 Tips to increase productivity

1. Create a dedicated space

Although it may seem tempting to work directly from the sofa at home or in the kitchen, there is always the risk of not being able to "disconnect" from work once the day is over.

Whether it is a corner of your living room or even better, transforming the guest room into an office, having a space dedicated to work available can help a lot to increase efficiency and give you the feeling of "leaving the office" once the day is over.

2. Recreate the coffee breaks

For many people, talking to colleagues is a valuable part of the working day. Not surprisingly, many employees have explained that loneliness is the most complicated challenge of working remotely.
It therefore becomes important to be able to recreate some of those daily practices of office life at home.

In Voxloud every day we talk between departments to update ourselves on work but also to chat while having a coffee. Miles away!
These calls give us a bit of normality and give us the opportunity to see how our colleagues are doing.

3. Plan your day before it begins

When you are aware of what needs to be addressed each day, it will become much easier to manage the day and the week.

Splitting and documenting your workload will help you manage it better and consequently increase productivity as well.
Before your morning call, track your to-dos and pinpoint the highest priority and least important ones.

Tip: When you're at peak productivity, prioritize the most important tasks. If you're a morning person, keep all the more intricate tasks to do first and set the afternoon off for customer or activity calls.

4. Avoid unnecessary distractions

The distraction is everywhere, in one's home, pets, children, or even just a pile of dishes to wash; It can be very difficult to stay focused when working remotely, but creating sharp and clear boundaries could be a good start.

Even just establishing a sign that means "do not disturb" could become the only thing you will need. If, on the other hand, being on social media or surfing the internet is distracting you, we suggest you use site-blockers to help you stay focused or you can simply turn off cell phone notifications.

5. Increase productivity

It can be quite tricky to stay motivated and productive while working from home, having the same routine, day in and day out. So why not try to change your way of working?
The important thing is to start with a few tools and then get used to it and use them more and more in order to simplify many operational processes.

One of the tools that has proved most useful and that packs a lot of features into a single service is the Voxloud cloud phone system.

Using it will free you from the burden of having to stay in the company, it will allow your employees to manage their work anywhere thanks to a simple application that can be downloaded on a tablet, smartphone or PC, significantly reducing business costs.

The Voxloud cloud phone system is the ideal solution to work in the fastest and most linear way possible, without falling lines or messages ever received.

Voxloud can be installed on all operating systems and is without penalties and hidden costs.

The thing you will love most is that thanks to the absence of wires, maintenance and various installations, you can work wherever you want, always with maximum efficiency.

It is a real wild card for your business, which will bring several benefits, both in the short and long term.

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