6 May 2021

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5 best practices for enhancing your smart working


From the beginning of the pandemic, some of us are experiencing smart working at home and others have started working in the office again.


There are those who would not go back and those who even love the schematic routine of the office. As well as those who started to feel a strong discomfort for the workstation at home.

The confusion of domestic environments, linked to one's family intimacy and daily life, with professional environments have an impact on the moods of each of us.


A slice of us would like to return to work tomorrow, hugging colleagues or simply seeing each other again; another slice, on the other hand, would prefer to continue working in the comfort and tranquility of home.


Whatever your thoughts, to date it is important to make your work efficient and help you increase productivity even in remote working.


We have decided to reveal 5 tips to boost your work from home. If you follow them you will take your productivity to amazing levels



It may seem like obvious advice but it really isn't.


It may happen to stand in front of the pc reading tons of emails and focus on an email for 30 minutes and after a few hours find yourself not having replied to all the emails.


If you start responding every time you receive an email, you will not be able to complete your tasks and you will feel overwhelmed by your job. 


Instead, try to define time slots in which to focus your attention only to reading and replying to emails. In this way you will be more organised and you will save more time than you think.




Working efficiently also means having your own biorhythm and being mentally healthy.

One step is to keep your workstation tidy and check that you have everything before starting to work to avoid distractions.


Keeping your desk tidy would mean an increase in productivity and a reduction of errors. 


So, the first step is to clear out and get rid of what is not necessary.  The second step consists in "arranging", putting everything in its place and finally maintaining this order and making it a habit. 




Another reason why we are often out of focus is because we are continually bombarded with notifications on both mobile and PC.


Yes, you are not the only one who hates the thousand notifications on the desktop and the mobile phone that lights up every 3 seconds.


As if that wasn't enough there are popups that appear all the time and make browsing the web time-wasting and annoying.


Fortunately, technology has come to our aid to block pop-ups, notifications and access to distracting blogs or websites with ad-blockers.




Especially in this period it is very important to do physical activity every day, at least 30 minutes of walking.


The WHO suggests getting up for at least 3 minutes several times during the working day to stretch the muscles. Recommended physical activities include simple walking up and down stairs and stretching exercises.


Physical well-being must go hand in hand with mental well-being: it is essential to build an anti-stress routine, with a healthy breakfast, respect for a lunch break and small breaks from the PC screen to maintain concentration over time.


Finally, carve out moments for yourself at the end of the day.




All the strategies listed above are efficient but are useless if you do not have the appropriate technical tools. In the age of smart working it is important to equip your team with the right means, so that communication is fast and immediate. 


This allows you to facilitate teamwork and improve communication with customers.


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In addition, with Voxloud your communication is at your fingertips: just download the app on your tablet, smartphone or PC and you can easily manage all the channels of your corporate communication from there.


Simple, fast, essential: VOXLOUD is all this.


By relying on us, you will communicate in an increasingly intelligent and effective way and - by following the 5 steps in this article - you can lead your team to reach levels of productivity, coordination and organization never seen before!


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