6 July 2021

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4 ways to improve your team's communication


Effective communication is critical to the success of any business. Indeed, poor communication leads to missed deadlines, conflicts and unhappy employees.


Communication is what makes relationships more fluid and simple, both inside and outside the company and it is inevitable that it can play a fundamental role in the development of the company itself.


Workers should feel free to exchange ideas with each other and provide feedback to improve the company.

In fact, a team with good communication skills is not created by chance.

In this post, we will share 4 tips to help managers and supervisors apply communication guidelines and a collaborative environment between employees.


1.Communicate with your team


One of the most difficult challenges, especially for remote teams is communication.

This is why it may be necessary to invest in communications software or applications that could make employees communicate simpler and immediately.


These tools allow users to share via chat, audio and video and many of these allow teams to upload, share and edit files within the same tool.

This allows you to keep teams connected, projects optimized and communications always clear and efficient, which Voxloud has always supported.


This is why our cloud phone system improves communication and remote team management with features such as video calling, call recording and call groups.


2. Plan a specific program for each meeting


Technology has made it easy to connect with colleagues at any time through chat and email.

However, meetings remain one of the most efficient ways to share information or talk about strategies to implement. To make sure you aren't overwhelmed with things to do during meetings, plan ahead.


But that's not all. Why not set a clear agenda before each meeting?

Without a well-defined program, participants could wander and leave out important information and waste time doing other more productive things.


Each agenda can be different, but I want to give you some advice on how to write it without leaving anything out.


Always ask yourself these questions:

  • Who will be the speaker?
  • What topics should be covered?
  • What is the goal or purpose of the meeting?
  • How much time should each be given?
  • How should speakers and team members prepare for the meeting?



Especially when sharing the meeting agenda with the team, ask what they think or if they have any recommendations.


If the meetings take place as it can happen remotely and therefore with the use of the phone system, call recording can be a valid ally because it allows you to immediately have the notes of the meeting and while doing it you can concentrate as much as possible on what to say and how to say it.


3. Use video calls as a business tool


Being able to see each other during calls is key to building relationships when managing teams remotely.


However, videoconferencing is also a perfect method to consolidate the work team.The possibility of being able to see each other and to visualize the workspaces of colleagues helps to strengthen the bond between them.


That's why our video conferencing feature is one of the most used among teams.


Even if you can't meet in person to celebrate special occasions 100% yet, you can still encourage corporate communication by virtually celebrating a team milestone. Small actions make a big difference and help develop a sense of community. They help make people feel appreciated and valued.


In conclusion, there are many ways to encourage communication and collaboration in the company. Knowing that improving communication in the workplace is always a work in progress, it takes time and perseverance.


But what is the tool that most of all helps you to make team communication easier?


4. Cloud phone system


Obviously, the cloud phone system that by connecting with your corporate CRM, allows you to:


- Arrange meetings and appointments with clients

- Communicate with all your collaborators

- Organize business video calls

- Manage customer support service

- Integrate video conferencing, instant messaging, smart working and multi-site work capabilities


All through a single platform: just download our app on the device of your choice - PC, smartphone or tablet - and install our cloud phone system in just 59 seconds!


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