7 October 2021

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4 tips to enhance the customer experience

Making a customer happy is really complicated but if you can, you will have a loyal person who will feel part of your family and will talk about your product or service to all his friends.


Remember that word of mouth is a very strong weapon for acquiring new customers.

I thought of 4 small actions you can take to retain your customers, to be put into practice right now. Follow them step by step in this article, but first ...


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Customer experience can be defined as the way customers perceive their interactions with the company as a whole.

The perception that consumers have of their relationship with the brand, however, depends on the different touchpoints (therefore on the interactions they have with your product or service, both online and offline).


 But how is it possible to provide the different points of contact to ensure that the customer experience becomes a strength of the company and perhaps a factor of respect for competitors?




Offer each of your customers a personalized and constant experience over time, always keeping the most important thing in mind: in every action, always put the customer at the center. His needs, his needs and his desires.

1 - Be transparent


It is the key that allows you to create but above all maintain trust both in your company and in your product. Remember that for every client you hide a truth from, you lose at least three due to word of mouth.


Being transparent means admitting mistakes and taking responsibility for them, but it also means admitting that you are not perfect. This attitude has the double advantage of making your company seem much more human and close to the customer, but also of making it real and positive. Always remember that admitting mistakes should be a stimulus to do more, not just an excuse.


2 - Create experience, not process


It aims to create an unforgettable experience for your customers, especially for those who are more interested in learning more and more about your product or service. For example, in the case of services with additional features, the self-service mode of the app stores allows for deeper interaction with your company and the ability to free your employees from tasks that can be performed in an alternative and smart way.


3 - Build trust, in any way possible


Creating trust means showing your customers and potential customers that they can trust you first, then your service. By following this path you can create loyalty and bond customers to you in a lasting way, so that they are not just ordinary customers, but real brand ambassadors.


Remember that trust can be created during any contact with the customer: this is why it is essential to give your best in every interaction with users, whether it be calls, emails, video conferences or physical meetings.



4 - Don't be afraid to ask for feedback


Ask for reviews, feedback, involve the people who use your products and services every day: you will find in their ideas and suggestions on how to improve the perception of what you offer and you will be able to offer an unparalleled customer experience, worthy of positive notes.






If you really want your customers to build loyalty and keep buying from you, you only have to pursue one goal: to satisfy them throughout the purchase process.


It might seem simple, but the experience with customers is really complex from some points of view: customers are all different, you have to understand their needs, desires, character, and talking to each of them is a continuous discovery.


By knowing the needs, needs and desires of each customer, you will be able to offer a unique experience that they will want to repeat.






Today I want to offer you a new perspective, a different vision of a tool that is used in customer care for practically the entire duration of working hours: the telephone.


The phone connects your employees with your customers, creating a bridge between those who need assistance and those who provide it.


What technology can improve this communication and optimize information exchange and speedy problem resolution? A cloud phone system!


We at Voxloud take care of exactly this: we have created a telephone system able to meet the needs of every Italian SME and to improve the performance of its telephone infrastructure, in order to create an innovative, fast purchasing and customer support experience, simple and immediate.


A cloud  phone system like Voxloud allows you to answer your customers' calls from anywhere: office or home, mountain, sea or lake, there will be no limits to your imagination.


Do you know what you need to make Voxloud work best?


A good internet connection and the smartphones, tablets or personal computers that you already use regularly.


You will be able to activate the  phone system in 59 seconds by yourself, without the need for cumbersome technicians or assistance services; in addition, you can completely customize the interface and features, adapting them to the needs of your company and the needs of your customers.

What if I need support in this process? We are at your disposal.


Do you want to find out more?


All you have to do is download our guide and find out how a cloud telephone switchboard can improve the performance of your company and build customer loyalty by increasing both their expense and their duration over time.



Best regards,     
Leonardo Coppola