20 May 2022

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4 tips to be efficient (and satisfied) at work

Productivity is an ever-changing concept. What worked for you today won't necessarily work tomorrow. So, if you are looking to increase your productivity, what you really need is to be patient and also find the best way, right now, to be productive.

Being committed and always "focused" is actually dangerous to the results to gain. Pain, stress, and fatigue produce neurotransmitters that disconnect you from your executive function (intelligence).



So, here you can find some tips for being efficient and satisfied at the same time:

# 1 - Manage time effectively

Throughout our day, we tend to get interrupted repeatedly. Everything from family to careers to health can break our momentum. The constant influx of emails, phone calls and other interruptions contribute to the aggravation of daily frustrations. But, to overcome this and be highly productive, we need to manage our time effectively.

Managing time effectively is probably one of the most important productivity tricks you can put into practice. This has a lot to do with time management.

As soon as you have written and visualized the micro objectives of the day, choose how much time to dedicate to each one and at what time of the day you want to complete it or work on it.

# 2 Monitor your biorhythm

Have you ever noticed that, as the day goes on, your attention during meetings or conversations becomes shorter? Smaller things start to bother you, because you are exhausted and your mental energy is low.

Brainwave studies show us that innovation, inspiration and intuition are only available when our brain is in certain states of consciousness. So, the more brain space you protect, the better it is.

For most people, the most productive time will be in the morning, so big decisions and tasks that require attention and concentration are best done in the morning, and repetitive tasks (like email) are best done in the afternoon.

Maximize your mornings by starting the night before. Before finishing the day, plan two or three activities you want to do first. Avoid logging into your email in the morning until these tasks are completed.

# 3 Host 25-minute meetings

Every week we participate in many business meetings that often prove crucial in defining business plans and other times they are just moments in which we fall behind with the tasks to be carried out and deadlines to be met.

The problem is that meetings often last longer than 60 minutes. At least 15-20 minutes are lost waiting for latecomers, solving problems related to the connection and wondering about the agenda to be defined.

Scheduling meetings of just 25 minutes creates clarity on how to carry out the brief and there will be no time to waste on unnecessary distractions, we will all be more focused on what we need to do.

4 tips to better organize a meeting?

Set the default calendar application to 25 minutes.
Always give people the goal of the meeting.
When you accept invitations, tell others you only have 25 minutes and ask them why you should be there.
If not necessary, save some time and politely decline.

# 4 - Voxloud cloud PBX

One of the tools that has proved most useful and that packs a lot of features into a single object is the Voxloud cloud PBX.

Equipping your company with a cloud phone system frees you from the burden of having to stay in the company, allows your employees to manage their work anywhere thanks to a simple application to download on a tablet, smartphone or PC and significantly reduces your business costs.

We have chosen to facilitate work both inside and outside the company: thanks to our cloud phone system, communicating is easy, fast and convenient.

You can make sure that everyone knows about projects and deadlines thanks to the integration of our system with the most well-known and used corporate CRMs, but it doesn't stop there: -Voxloud can be installed on Windows and Macintosh operating systems and is without activation costs.

Create a positive and productive work environment by improving the tools at your disposal to manage your company's workflows and phone calls: you will make your collaborators happier, but above all more performing and you will never want to go back.

Here is the link where I will explain in detail why a Voxloud PBX is the right choice to create a productive and peaceful remote working environment.