29 June 2021

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4 problems you shouldn't run into when working remotely


We can say that remote working has totally changed the way we work.


Many entrepreneurs, myself included, are worried about the unknowns related to remote work: have they reduced productivity?


How do I check my employees if I don't see what they do?


There are 4 problems that worry us the most: we have found them, analyzed them and we thought of valid solutions for each of them, in order to eliminate them permanently.





You are at home working when suddenly the doorbell rings, the courier arrives to deliver a package, the neighbors scream and you can no longer concentrate.


In reality, even if this happens at home for sure, even working in the office has constant distractions: colleagues who want to tell you about their day, noisy printers, faxes and phones that ring continuously.


Small moments like these, repeated throughout the day, deprive the worker of the concentration necessary to perform his activity in the best possible way.


But how to solve the problem of interruptions?


Whether you are at home or in the office, we will give you some small tips to maintain the same productivity or even increase it.




Recover a space to be alone. Tell those who live with you that you are busy and cannot be disturbed.


Establish precise hours for work: eight hours is always eight hours, also because if you exaggerate you risk burnout!

Is working at home impossible?


Leave the house, look for a co-working space, go to the library and carve out your own corner in which to work in peace.


Each of the actions listed could make remote working more productive if implemented correctly.


So, if your problem is home interruptions, start testing and choose the solution that best suits your style of work!



Often when we think about remote working, we underestimate the fact that the employee risks working beyond office hours.


It's okay to do it but always, you risk going into burnout. Overwork is a fairly widespread risk in companies that choose remote working.



Working from home could lead to increased working hours for your company's employees.


If you work from home you don't have to deal with traffic or choose what to wear: you can work in tracksuit,  turning on your pc with coffee still in your hand.


Your working day starts immediately and this could be a problem.

How to deal with it? By setting limits.



Start planning your breaks, choose your work schedules and be rigid and incorruptible (as you would be in the office).


Make appointments at the end of the day: in this way you will be forced to turn off the PC and stop working.



If at first working at home, moving from bed to desk may seem exciting, when smart work goes on for a long time, you may realize you need a breath of fresh air.


How can we safeguard our mental health and not risk turning into mummies in front of a PC?


Going out

whether in the garden, in the park or on the balcony, find a way to unplug. Taking your dog out for a walk or going to the grocery store can also be ways to safeguard your health (physical and mental).


Talking to a colleague

talking to a friend or colleague is a good way to discuss, talk about this and that and spend a few carefree minutes.



The office makes communication between colleagues easier: if you need something, you go to your colleague's desk and ask him for help.


But what if you work from home and your colleague is miles away from you?

Connecting with colleagues, discussing and finding an answer to problems is essential for corporate work to continue, so here's how you can solve the problem related to remote communication...



Provide your team with different communication options: quick chat, video call, telephone.


Schedule times when all workers are active: you will make communication more streamlined.


Communicating today is essential: it serves to pull the plug, it serves to understand that we are not alone even if we are limited in social relationships.


Communicating in the company with a single system that allows you to coordinate your employees, your time and your customers, it is possible.


At Voxloud we took care of it.


Our cloud phone system is up and running in 59 seconds: you can install it in total autonomy and have all your employees download the app both from mobile (smartphone or tablet) and from desktop, and without the need for a technician.



This will put your team in the right mood to solve all the problems related to remote working and you in the most serene condition to manage, organize and sort the work in the most profitable way possible.


With Voxloud phone system you have the best features to work remotely: 

  • Videoconferencing
  • Mobile and Desktop App
  • Groups to remotely handle calls


Do you want to know some other details about our cloud phone system?


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Leonardo Coppola