22 June 2021

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4 tools to improve your remote working


How can we work better, despite distractions, interruptions?


The solution is using some tools!


It may sound strange to you, but there are tools that help improve our working day, even if we are not physically in the office, but in smart working at home.

These are products that cannot be missing if you want to make your remote working day more comfortable, less stressful.


For this reason, we decided to introduce them to you in a short guide: knowing them will help you understand which ones you should equip yourself with and which ones you already own and could replace.


Let's see them together ...




Working remotely includes a series of changes to daily habits: no more meetings in the room, no more close encounters with colleagues and leaders.


To communicate, you need to use a telephone, videoconferencing, computer, tablet or smartphone.

In short, it is a world dominated by technology!


However, this kind of communication needs technological tools.

And what are these gadgets that support our smart work, making it even smarter?


Webcam, microphone and earphones / headphones, first of all.


These are communication-related tools that are sometimes already supplied with our laptops, while at other times we need to buy them if we really want to work as true “pros” of smart working.


Having well-functioning headphones or earphones allows us to optimize communication and not miss a single passage of what is said during meetings.


Choose a comfortable model: some headphones put a lot of pressure on your ears, just as some headphones can be annoying.


You can also choose whether to adopt a bluetooth model, but  remember to put it in charge in the evening!


Briefing calls are on the agenda for the coordination of remote work, so it is better to have tools that can work well and for a long time and facilitate this moment of confrontation.


You don't necessarily need to spend a fortune to buy a valid product: the price range is almost infinite and suitable for every pocket.

The important thing is that your webcam is able to transmit a clear image and that your earphones or headphones can eliminate (if at all, at least in part) the background and surrounding noises, so as to simplify and make communication with your colleagues less stressful.

And you, do you already have these tools or are you looking for something better that allows you to optimize this aspect of your smart working?

Whether you can leave the house and look in the shops or not, there are many retailers able to advise you on what is best suited for your smart working.




Regardless of your office job, it's good that you have a basic tool that won't irritate you every time you turn it on.


Owning a good PC, a good tablet and a smartphone that is up to the constant updates coming from manufacturers, allows you to manage work applications with simplicity and speed.


Check out the features of Voxloud phone system


That is why, when choosing, it is very important to evaluate what are the most important aspects of your work: what you need a laptop for, what features your tablet must have and what you can do with your smartphone if you have to face a work emergency. 

You need a balance between style, performance, product resistance and lightness in transport.


Today you are at home, sitting in a workstation organized in the best possible way, but if it is true that smart working is the future of work, so it is also true that we will no longer live the phase of "necessarily working from home", but we will be able to work wherever we like.

This is why you need a portable device: it allows you to travel without difficulty and does not prevent you from working even on the plane. As long as there is ... a good connection.



It is increasingly rare to find people with slow connection problems in the city; however, when you live in places a little further away from big cities, the risk becomes higher.


A bad connection or a slow connection speed can have various causes: malfunctioning telephone lines, router problems and sometimes problems related to the weather or the electricity network.


If we can't avoid some inconveniences, let's start solving any problems related to the connection provider or the router.


In this way, it will be easier to communicate and work without problems that can interrupt a call.




Here we are finally at the moment of revelation: we have identified an essential tool for your smart working, because it allows you to make your remote communications simpler and smarter.


Let's start with the BENEFITS related to its use: you could increase productivity, managing to make your work experience unique, fast and simple.


This tool, which we hope you will choose to adopt, is to be considered a real investment: you can get benefits both in the short and in the long term.


You will be able to comfortably manage your business communications using your PC or smartphone and really moving wherever you want (at least, since you can return to travel).


Have you guessed which tool we are talking about?

Today it is possible to have internet outside of your home, thanks to internet network services that you can take wherever you go, like the voxloud phone system.


Perfect for video conferences, work from wherever you want and always having your office in your pocket.


It is our Voxloud cloud phone system, which is up and running in just 59 seconds, without the need of a specialized technician, which allows you to handle calls, video conferences and much more by installing an extremely intuitive app!

With Voxloud phone system you can: 

  • Handle all incoming calls from one or more stations
  • Internal calls and call transfers between offices 
  • Possibility of having one or more numbers with the same account
  • IVR or customizable answer rules for each number through the control panel

And you, are you ready to improve your remote working? 



Best regards,      
Leonardo Coppola