20 July 2021

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3 tools to boost your customer service


Today, the customer has more influence than before and for this reason companies make decisions that make their customers more and more satisfied over time.


Nowadays, the user-centric companies are those that put the customer's well-being first, once acquired try to not loose them.


But to make your customer satisfied you need first to know his habits, his preferences.


A good customer buying process experience depends on the relationship between your customers and your brand.

In any relationship, both parties need to know each other well to have a solid and lasting relationship. The more you can interact with your customers, the stronger your relationship will become.


Your customers leave tons of fingerprints and signals as they browse the Internet. This data are important for companies to create a good customer shopping experience. 


Why do you invest in a customer support team?


Every business needs customers. Therefore, without a responsive customer service team that can’t manage the customers professionally, no business can survive for long.


Customer service employees are able to solve problems and do their best to correct the situation and make the customer happy again.


Along with the growing number of reported issues, it becomes essential to serve customers instantly. Long waiting times annoy today's customers, who are always looking for immediate solutions to their problems.


For this reason it is necessary for your company to equip itself with the latest customer service tools that will support you in continuous growth.


Here are 3 tools that you will no longer be able to do without for successful customer care:




Working as an operator or agent in the customer service team is a very challenging job that allows you to listen to their needs and best represent their needs.


The key thing is to have a tool that allows you to better manage bug reports and feature requests that can be lost, difficult to follow or lost altogether.


Atlassian is a software company that includes many project manager and content management programs.

Inside it there is Jira which is a platform used for the management and monitoring of projects and tickets.


JIRA not only allows you to report bugs and feature requests, but also keeps requests and various tickets well organized. Users can continuously see the progress of their projects and how much is missing to complete them.


Agents and developers can post comments and updates on projects at any time. Basically, it's a tool where customer service and products can work together, which is incredibly perfect for your business because it makes it closer to user requests.



The phone system is the perfect solution to communicate and work better, especially in smart working. Thanks to the absence of wires and devices, you will not need installation technicians who will come to the office, just do everything online and activate everything in 59 seconds.

Cloud technology will also allow you to work from wherever you want and make the most of the momentary smart working regime.


Just to give an idea, here is a preview of the advantages of our phone system:


  • You can work anywhere without geographical restrictions
  • Activation in 59 seconds, without the use of technicians
  • Organize team video conferences
  • You only pay for the features you use
  • No hidden costs
  • There are no penalties




One of the first steps for successful customer care is to use a customer support software that automates the management of requests to ensure that all are handled and above all allows you to communicate well with customers and centralize their communications in order to always have a complete view.


Time-consuming repetitive processes, such as service request sorting, queuing, routine reporting, support and administration messages, and other administrative tasks, can be automated and save your support team time for tasks most important.


But a good support system also helps you get more customer information. As inquiries accumulate, your customer database becomes a mine of information.


Intercom manages to do all of this. It also helps reduce support requests by offering a number of features that help customers get the support they need before switching to an agent.


We are confident that the tools we have recommended will help your business achieve better results. 


Always remember that once a customer is lost it is difficult to win back, so start with a business idea that allows you to cut costs and make the customer experience even better.


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Leonardo Coppola