1 February 2022

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3 reasons why the cloud phone system is the right choice to increase your business

Every company needs a cloud phone system to carry out normal office activities such as calling customers and suppliers.

Sure, you can also use email, chat and messaging platforms, but nothing comes close to the effectiveness and immediacy of the phone call.

A cloud phone system is the tool you can professionally make and handle calls, whether with customers or suppliers.

Corporate phone systems give your business credibility and make it more accessible (think of the telephone assistance service), globally improving the perception of your company towards customers.

Try to think about the perception that you can offer by showing a company number or toll-free number on the homepage of your company website compared to a simple personal mobile phone. Quite often, customers feel much safer and more comfortable calling a corporate landline than a simple cell phone.



However, not all cloud phone systems are the same.

To know which cloud phone system is most suitable for your business, it is first of all important to make an important distinction between physical phone system and cloud phone system.

Physical phone system:

- Use the telephone line (often copper wire) to broadcast sound
- The costs of activating and installing are often high
- You must always be present in the office to answer calls
- Requires physical, time-consuming and often expensive modifications
- You will need to upgrade to access some advanced features

Cloud phone system:

- Broadcast sound as data using an Internet connection (VoIp- Voice Over IP)
- Usually has a monthly rate with many features included
- You can use the mobile app to make calls anywhere
- It can be activated easily using an online control panel (and our pbx is activated in only 59 seconds!)

When deciding to install, upgrade or replace a businessVoIP phone system, there are several key factors to consider. First, consider your business activities, expected call volume, goals, and budget.

Here you can read 3 reasons why the cloud phone system is more efficient than the physical one.

1. Save 40% of your bill!

The cost is one of the factors that most influence the choice of a cloud phone system compared to a physical one.
Regardless of how many calls you handle, cloud phone systems will cost you less than landline service and a physical one.

If you want to reduce monthly costs and no longer have contractual maintenance assistance constraints weighing on your budget, the Cloud phone system is the right solution.

For example, with the Voxloud phone system, you will have a single bill that includes the phone system, unlimited calls and all the included features you have chosen. All in a single bill with no hidden costs.

One of our case studies Lecrai saved 40% of the bill thanks to Voxloud:

<< With Voxloud our productivity has significantly increased and our bill has significantly decreased, by about 40%. Finally, we know what we pay for, especially HOW MUCH we pay.

I really like the handling of voicemail; allows us to accelerate various business processes that previously took many hours in minutes. Higher quality, higher savings: it doesn't get better than that! >>


centralino in cloud Voxloud

2. Trust your Cloud phone system!

To always manage your business efficiently, you need to have reliable and accessible communication channels for use by teams, suppliers, partners and customers. Without this, business continuity will be compromised and you will lose the trust of the people who manage or rely on your operations, as well as the potential revenues that may have been generated during downtime.

Thanks to the cloud phone system:

- The line is always clear and there are no sound distortions
- Data in cloud (such as settings, recorded calls and call logos) is always safe and there is no risk of it being lost.

Thanks to the cloud you will not risk losing your company's precious data because whatever happens, everything will be saved in the cloud. Furthermore, we rely on a 100% reliable cloud server, the same used by Formula 1.

3. Freedom to work from everywhere

When using cloud phone systems, you don't need to be in the office to make or receive calls. The cloud phone system allows you to work anywhere, as long as you have a reliable internet connection. You can work from your home or even as a full time remote employee.

Geographic flexibility can also help you connect other offices in different locations. If your company has multiple offices in different locations, you can connect them to a single telephone system and work seamlessly remotely.

This is why the Voxloud cloud phone system is the right choice you can make to bring your company into the world of digitization.