18 May 2021

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3 reasons why cloud phone system is better than a traditional one

Nowadays talking about a landline phone seems very strange, it almost seems like a vintage object that today is used very little.

Many companies use a mobile phone instead of a Cloud Phone system to receive calls, because they mistakenly think that it is enough to buy a mobile device and a SIM card to manage their availability in an optimal way, but this is not the best solution.

The perfect choice is called the Cloud phone system.

Why is it so important to get it?


1 - Inability to manage multiple calls at the same time


If you publish your company mobile number on the website, on Facebook page and on advertising flyers, calls are directed to a single tool that is unable to support the reception of multiple calls at the same time: not a strategic choice!


This means that as soon as your potential customer tries to contact you while you are on the phone with someone, they will find it busy and probably it is not what they would expect!


Now, the chances to be called back are unfortunately very low.


The reason is because he is a potential customer and does not yet know you, so it is very likely that he will look for your competitor on the web to solve his problem as soon as possible.


Are you sure you want to risk losing all these potential customers?


Forget all these problems: switch to a Cloud phone system!


In fact, in addition to the customizable messages and music on hold that welcome each potential customer in a different and more professional way, you have the possibility to connect more people to your company number.


This way you can sort calls easily and always get the right person to answer at the right time.


Believe me: your prospect won't have time to think about contacting someone else!


2. Don’t be bound by your work!


Don't you want to answer the phone even while you are having dinner with your loved ones? Or while you're enjoying your much-needed weekly rest?


A Cloud phone system allows you to be identified as a professional company, with precise opening hours and with a call management system designed not to lose even a customer!


When you are not available, you can automatically forward calls to your employees or to the intelligent answering machine which will send you voice messages for email, in text format or in .mp3, and you can always check who called you from the call log ... So you always have everything under control even when you are not physically at the office!


3. Build a professional corporate image


Let's imagine that we are a company of 3 or more people and provide as a contact number a company mobile phone as the only device for receiving calls.


If a customer needs to speak to a person within the company, other than the one that actually answers the phone, adopting this solution really is problematic.


A sentence such as: "Wait for me to look for it and pass it to him" or "At this moment he has moved away from the desk, can you say to me or call back?" it would lead the potential customer to get impatient and build an unprofessional image of the company.


With a cloud phone system feature such as call forwarding, you can permanently solve this problem, regardless of where the phone is located, everyone can answer from his office, or from home, or from the bar where he is working.


Now, do you understand why even if the mobile phone gives the idea of ​​a flexible solution, it does not have all the advantages of a Cloud phone system? These are some of the benefits you can get ...


But, why is the Cloud phone System better than the traditional one?

  • The cloud Phone System is the right choice for you because you only pay for what you consume. Savings on your bill!

  • You do not need any technician to come to your home, you can activate the cloud phone system in just 59 seconds!

Great, right?

But that's not all. With the cloud you can have greater security in the storage of your data, nothing will ever be lost!

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Leonardo Coppola