13 May 2021

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3 mistakes to avoid when entrepreneurs choose a large telephone operator


We often think that telephony big players represent the safest and most reliable alternative when you decide to sign a contract for your company.


In reality this is not always the case. 

The simple reputation and large size of these operators does not automatically provide a superior service compared to that provided by smaller and less well-known companies.


It all depends on the specific needs of the company.


So, if you are looking for a new telephone operator and have started to look at the different possibilities in search of the best offer, this article could be useful and support you in the right choice.


In fact, you should know that many entrepreneurs make 3 mistakes when they choose to use the service of a large telephone operator for their small to medium-sized business.


Let's start with an assumption: the idea that a large telephone operator is automatically an excellent telephone operator is… totally wrong.






… Are you really sure?


When you start looking for a new telephone operator, you usually start with the big players of the sector. Large phone operators, thanks to their historical presence on the market, are perceived by most users as reliable, safe and convenient.


Through advertisements and exceptional testimonials, they ask us to trust, they show us that we are a family, that we can live by shortening distances, that we can solve our connection problems simply with a call ...


It all seems so beautiful and easy that it is almost inevitable to turn to one of them.


But if they are all so reliable and offer such excellent services ... 


Why are you looking for an alternative?


You probably do this because, like most people, you've had problems:


-Bills are growing for no apparent reason
-Continuous service interruptions that make managing your work difficult
-Inefficient technical support

And these are just some of the most critical factors for companies and entrepreneurs; the list could go on indefinitely.


If you want to change operators, therefore, does it make sense to switch from the big company that is causing you all these problems ... to a very similar alternative?







… Opportunity or trap?


Going in search of a new operator, you may come across an offer that you think might be right for you:


  • Low prices
  • The service is efficient
  • There are a lot features


Maybe the proposal is so tempting that you even decide to turn a blind eye to all the costs necessary to withdraw from the previous contract.


After all, what could possibly go wrong?


But be careful: before you get tempted by a special offer, stop for a moment to think: there may be a well-hidden trap.


The promotion could hide costs that you will be obliged to pay if you change operator another time in the future.






The large telephone operators, in order to attract a substantial part of users, set effective marketing campaigns, advertising offers to which you simply cannot say no.


And thanks to their notoriety on the market, they automatically convey an impression of reliability that is hard to doubt.


This is why, unconsciously, you trust them.


However, if you decide to study those offers more scrupulously, you would realize that the super offer you are about to sign, hides disposal costs, which exist mainly for one reason: to convince yourself not to leave even if the service does not satisfy you.


I am not talking about the costs of closing the contract, which are justified (if they are not exorbitant), but about a whole series of hidden penalties.


But how is it possible that your super offer turned out to be such a disaster?

Could you really have foreseen it?


It is certainly not possible to know everything in advance, but I invite you to consider one question:


Why does a big phone operator have such severe penalties if their service is really of the quality as advertised?


You will have understood the hearth of the matter.


Having considered that all telephone operators have contractual divestment costs, I want to immediately clarify the position of our company.


At Voxloud we offer a transparent and quality service for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs who trust us, preferring us to the big players on the market:


- No continuous malfunctions in communications
- No "unsolvable" problems
- No low-level customer support


Our best sponsors are those who use our service and are satisfied with it.


Think about it: ALL costs are clear immediately, no penalties on services, subscriptions or hardware. No penalties of any kind!


Interested in learning more?


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Leonardo Coppola