1 July 2021

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What are the 10 advantages of the cloud phone system?


If you are opting for a phone system that uses the internet, you will surely have heard of the simplicity and flexibility that a cloud telephone system (i.e. that uses VoIP technology, Voice over IP) can offer compared to some traditional telephone systems.

I assure you that at the end of the article you will understand how a cloud phone system is the best platform for your needs, whatever is your company field.


With the increase in cloud tools and services in recent years, a simple and basic phone system would not be able to keep up with your business, simply because it would not be able to integrate and communicate with all the other digital tools available today for companies.


Take your company for example: you will be using a system (CRM) to manage customers and potential customers, then you will use productivity tools (Google Drive or Office), and collaboration tools such as Microsoft Teams or Slack. 


Finally, the most important element: the management of calls in your company.


At this moment, which system do you use in the company to handle internal and external calls?


Do you manage them all with a mobile phone, or do you use a single (or several) landline numbers? 


Or, are you still tied to one of those old traditional phone systems that take up space and cost you time and energy?


A cloud phone system is a very innovative tool that allows you to integrate with your CRM, such as Zendesk, Salesforce, ActiveCampaign.


Remember that traditional phone systems do not have the possibility to enrich your phone system with these integrations, so you waste time in doing too many task not necessary instead of concentrating on important tasks.


With Voxloud phone system you can add integrations to craft a customised phone system in order to create a tool suitable for your needs which communicates with all your programs. Stop wasting your time and start to manage your time better. 

What if you choose a modern cloud phone system instead?


Just to give an idea, here you can find the advantages of our cloud phone system:


  • You can work anywhere without geographical restrictions
  • Activation in 59 seconds, without technicians (only with Voxloud)
  • You only pay for the features you use
  • No hidden costs
  • There are no penalties
  • No maintenance
  • A single fixed fee


Now do you understand how a simple click can change your life?


Integrate your phone system with applications you use mostly


The functionality that your phone system must have, in order to work and communicate perfectly with all your business applications, is the ability to integrate with other platforms.


In fact, your phone system would be connected to other applications aimed at improving your business, making things much easier for you and your team when you have to deal with all kinds of daily business problems.


Voxloud is designed to be able to integrate with the applications and software most used by entrepreneurs, in order to facilitate and make the daily work of all in the company.


Below I will show you how a cloud phone system that can integrate with other platforms and software can enhance your company by obtaining greater efficiency.


Cloud phone system integration with CRM

CRM is a tool that records customer or potential customer data, from personal information to all their previous interactions with your company.


With the cloud phone system integration, you don't need to look for who the incoming call is and where they got to in their last conversation because you have all data and information in your system.


This way, all the information they have recorded about the contact appears in front of them when the call comes in, giving them time to retrieve the information before starting the conversation, ensuring smoother communication with the user.


The integration allows the team to have an absolutely personalized conversation with each contact, because all information and calls are recorded in the same tool, making solving problems with customers less challenging and more efficient.



This is precisely why we created Voxloud, to make your work easier and more efficient.


But let's get deeper into the question: why should you choose a cloud phone system?


What are the 10 advantages of the cloud phone system?



1. Make and receive phone calls from anywhere and on any device via the Voxloud app


2. Keep existing phone numbers and bring them to Voxloud for free


3. Set up custom IVR menus to suit your specific business needs and different departments


4. Advanced call management to forward, transfer, hold and mute calls


5. Access additional calling features such as conversation recording, group ringtones, voicemail to email, etc.


6. Make corporate video calls


7. Consolidate business communications and collaboration on a single platform


8. Simplify configuration and management thanks to the easy self-installation process


9. No technicians required for setup and maintenance


10. Discover all our features



Finally, the cloud phone system is a real bridge to connect the VoIP telephone system with other platforms thanks to the native integrations, in order to maximize the value of each of your current applications.


Just as employees should work together to achieve greater working efficiency, so too are technologies.


Do you really want to find out in detail how to give that extra boost to your company? 


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