13 July 2021

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4 tips for a productive workplace

In recent years, the concept of corporate welfare has been developing more and more.


Corporate welfare is the set of initiatives, goods and services made available by the company as income support to increase the well-being of the worker.


Acquiring a corporate culture based on well-being, allows the company, the entrepreneur and the employees to work in a productive, positive and proactive environment.


It gives you the opportunity to work to the best of your potential, in a pleasant, serene and focused atmosphere.


But… is it also possible to do it remotely?


How do you create a productive and effective working environment by working from home?


I thought of 4 elements that can help companies create a work environment that makes employees feel happy and satisfied.





The idea that working from home is less stressful than working in the office is correct but only in part: avoiding traffic, public transport, finding a parking space are points in favor of remote working, but there are remote problems that could undermine the productivity of your team.




What tools are needed for remote working?

First of all you need a CRM to collect all the data and information about customers and potential customers.


After that it will be important to provide the whole team with tools that can work remotely, and that integrate perfectly with your CRM system: in this way they will be able to provide all customers with the right solutions.


Discover the Voxloud integrations


It must be possible to monitor in real time what happens in the warehouses, the flows of goods, returns and new arrivals, working on site as well as remotely.


In this way the working environment will be more peaceful: your employees will be free to work from anywhere, without feeling the pressure.




To create a stimulating work environment, also based on trust, it is good to have more people work as a team: each of these people will have autonomy in relation to the part of the project that will be assigned, but also a responsibility towards colleagues.


In order for no one to harm the other, in a smart and remote work environment it is good to set clear rules of action and include a control figure in the team: setting deadlines and dividing the work into brackets prevents collaborators from resting on their laurels and slowing down the job.


A strategy designed in this sense allows an increase in productivity, an optimization of hours worked and moments of discussion and support between team members.



Another of the possibilities you have to make the workplace productive is to provide your employees with constant feedback on what they do.


But how to make the feedback even more detailed?


Just use the Voxloud phone system with the video conference feature that allows you to talk in real time with all employees without neglecting every detail.


Or you can use tools such as Slack or Skype to simplify the communication among the members of the teams.




Organizing and scheduling company work in a defined, clear, structured way, allows everyone to have a calendar with deadlines, projects, shifts and work schedules.


There are technologies that allow all workers to communicate easily, to organize meetings while working in different places.


One of the tools that has proved most useful and that packs a lot of features into a single object is the Voxloud cloud phone system.


Equipping your company with a cloud phone system frees you from the burden of having to stay in the company, allows your employees to manage their work anywhere thanks to a simple application to download on a tablet, smartphone or PC and significantly reduces your business costs.


We have chosen to facilitate work both inside and outside the company: thanks to our system, communicating is easy, fast and convenient.



You can make sure that everyone knows about projects and deadlines thanks to the integrations of our system with the most well-known and used company CRMs, but it does not end there: Voxloud can be installed on all operating systems and is without activation costs.


Activating it is very easy: it only takes 59 seconds and your switchboard is ready to be used.


Create a positive and productive work environment by improving the tools at your disposal to manage the workflows and phone calls of your company: you will make your employees happier, but above all more performing and you will never want to go back.


Still doubts?


I thought of giving you the link to our guide here: I will explain in detail what the differences are compared to other phone systems and why a Voxloud cloud phone system is the right choice to create a productive and peaceful working environment in remote working.




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