22 December 2021

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Voxloud launches 3 new features

Our obsession is to always put the customer at the center of everything we do.

The new features we are about to announce have been designed precisely to make your experience with the Voxloud cloud phone system even better and, thanks to your suggestions, even more complete but without complicating your experience.

But let's get straight to the point.

We are happy to announce that from today, you will find 3 great new features in the control panel: the clone rules function, the labels for the IVR rules and the scheduled rules.


“Clone rules" feature




This feature allows you to copy an existing rule without having to create it from scratch.

This is a very useful feature that will save you valuable time to spend on more important tasks. Using the clone rules feature is very simple: select a phone number, click on “New rule” and select “Clone existing rule”. Once you have chosen the rule to copy, it will be cloned and will be immediately active.


“IVR labels” feature




This feature has been designed to allow you to have everything under control, without wasting time. The label feature allows you to assign a specific name to an option in the IVR menu (Interactive Voice Response, the options "press 1 for, press two for").

In addition to making the IVR menu clearer and easier to understand for your team, this new feature allows you to understand and analyze how users use your IVR menu, simply by looking at the names of the labels directly in the call history.



“Scheduled rules” feature


Scheduled rules_EN


This is one of the most requested feature by Voxloud users and starting today it is finally reality: here are the programmed rules!

This update allows you to choose when to activate a rule in three different ways: Weekly, Scheduled, Draft.

  • Weekly: The rule is applied every week on the selected days
  • Scheduled: The rule is triggered only in the time period chosen in advance
  • Draft: The rule is not applied until the days and time slots are selected

The scheduling of the rules will allow you to create the rules in advance (for example the company closure for holidays) so that they are activated automatically on the day and time chosen. Just create them in advance and relax: Voxloud will do everything for you!

Our Research and Development department works tirelessly to make your Voxloud cloud phone system ever more intuitive and simple and these are just a preview of the incredible features coming in 2022

All these new, amazing features are active now and you can find them in the control panel. Let’s take a look!

For any clarification or doubt, our Support team and Voxloud Specialists are at your complete disposal (and from now, even on weekends!).


Discover the new features in the control panel! 👇



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See you soon,


The Voxloud team