2 December 2021

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The Definitive Guide: cloud vs traditional Phone System

A cloud phone system uses the Internet protocol called VoIP to transit telephone traffic.

In the most popular VoIP phone systems, the so-called stand-alone, the protocol changes with respect to the well-known ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network), but the equipment to which the terminals are connected must still be physically installed on site, i.e. in on-premise mode.

The Cloud phone system, on the other hand, represents a virtualization of the system with a very marginal hardware part. The first purpose to which a virtual telephone phone system responds is to outsource the professional voice service outside the offices, thus redefining the allocation of costs attributable to installation, maintenance and assistance.

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 How a cloud phone system works

A cloud VoIP phone system, unlike stand alone devices, does not have to be installed in companies. This means that the phone system works as an outsourced telephony service, guaranteeing all the typical benefits of the cloud.

Thanks to an application accessible via Web, operators can use their devices to manage calls and carry out their business.

The choice of a cloud phone system is particularly useful for companies that have offices located throughout the territory, for those who adopt smart working and so on.

 What are the services of cloud phone systems

Besides the typical functions of an ISDN phone system, such as sorting and answering machine (voice mail), there are others that the cloud phone system usually makes available.


These include:

IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

Call diversion also to mobile phones

Queue management and intelligent routing to other extensions or secretary

Fax server (virtual fax machine) and fax in email

Traffic history or CDR (Call detail records)

Convergence of landline phones, smartphones and e-mails in a UC (Unified communications) key

Video conferencing support

Integration with CRM and other databases that contain contact lists and personal data

Differences between in cloud and traditional phone systems

The decision to opt for a cloud phone system or to maintain a traditional model coincides with a combined choice of a technological and organizational nature.

A traditional phone system performs only some of the functions listed above regarding the cloud one. That is: sorting, secretarial, IVR, queue management. As any company that has a phone system knows well, a technician is required for its activation, who is often commissioned by the operator with whom the telephone traffic contract is stipulated, for the purpose of installing the so-called "socket" and for the configuration of the apparatus.

The technology of a Cloud phone system, on the other hand, is based on SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) standards. This means that the only condition for introducing a cloud phone system in the company is that there is an Internet connection.

centralino in cloud Voxloud
In addition to technologies, the difference between VoIP cloud and traditional phone systems reflects different ways of working. The ISDN system, in fact, belongs to an organizational structure in which the individual's desk plays a central role in the production processes.

 The advantages of the cloud phone system for companies

Mobility and extreme flexibility are the downstream results of a Cloud phone system. The human capital of the company can thus benefit, on all fixed and mobile communication devices, both from the same characteristics of a traditional fixed line, and from all the complementary features allowed by cloud communication.

The first advantage concerns savings on initial and management costs, with a single rate fee on which staff travel does not weigh on the bill. The installation of which, among other things, can take place in zero touch provisioning mode, or with a preconfiguration that relieves the burden of having to call in a technician to connect them to the network. The fee also includes maintenance, updating and assistance costs as an integral part of the service.

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