21 December 2021

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The 6 Essential Features you need to know if you want to switch to the Cloud Phone System

Are you thinking of moving to a cloud phone system? It is a smart choice.

With the cloud phone system, you can manage the entire company telephone system with just an Internet connection. It allows your team to make and receive calls from anywhere, not just the office.

What is a Cloud phone system?


A cloud phone system is a new corporate telephony service that uses the Internet protocol or VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) to transit telephone traffic.

Cloud phone system users log into their system with an Internet connection and an Internet-connected device, such as a mobile phone or laptop, to make VoIP calls. This is the only equipment you will need, making it a perfect choice for large and small businesses.


How does a cloud phone system work?

Calls made through a cloud phone system use Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology. All you need is an internet connection to make and receive calls.


The best features of the cloud phone system

Before moving on to the first cloud phone system you see, it's important to make sure it has all the phone capabilities your business needs. Here are 6 of the best cloud phone system features to keep an eye on when searching.

  1. Call reporting and analysis

Having a platform that allows you to generate reports is essential. It will tell you real-time call analytics on business phone usage, including:

  • Time spent on phone calls
  • Number of answered, missed and toll-free calls
  • The most popular time of day for phone calls

Each of these gives you better insights into how your business uses the phone system.

Having access to call data makes it easier for you to spot quick wins or pain points. Unlike a traditional phone system, with Voxloud you will know exactly what your team is up to.

  1. Interactive voice response

An interactive voice response (IVR) works similar to an auto attendant, except that instead of pressing numbers on the keypad, you simply say the department you want to be directed to.

  1. Audio and video conferencing

A cloud phone system does more than just make and receive phone calls. Voxloud allows you to host video conferences with your team just sharing a simple link accessible from every web browser, simple as that!

They can use any Internet-connected device to join the conference, including softphones, VoIP headsets, or cell phones. Each person can listen to the conversation, intervene where needed, and even take turns sharing their screens for better collaboration.

The best part? Call quality is not affected during a conference. Since VoIP calls are made over the internet, you will only need high bandwidth to make conference calls.

  1. Voicemail by e-mail

Voicemail for email is a feature that takes voicemail recordings and delivers them to your email inbox. You will receive a notification whenever a voicemail message is left on your VoIP number and an email containing the MP3 file. You can then listen to it on your computer and follow it at your leisure. We have it!

centralino in cloud Voxloud

  1. Call recording

Business call recordings are great resources for team training. You can play the recordings to see which sales scripts work best and which customer service questions need to be answered most often. You can also use call recordings to prepare new employees to handle awkward situations using real-life examples.

Additionally, access to call recordings helps with staff accountability. If you need to clarify who said what, you'll have an archive of recordings to go back and listen to for up to six months. This can help minimize legal risks, depending on who engages in the conversation.

  1. Call forwarding

Call forwarding diverts calls from your office desk phone to your mobile phone without interruption. The person at the end of the line wouldn't notice any difference, which makes it a great feature for employees on the go.

You can even change your cloud phone system settings to automate call forwarding. It's useful in situations where you know you won't be able to answer calls on your regular device, such as if you work from home on Tuesdays or are out of the office for the holidays.

With the cloud phone system:

  • There are no activation costs
  • No maintenance
  • You only pay for what you use
  • No penalty
  • A simple and intuitive control panel
  • No technicians required to manage settings


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