26 April 2022

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We Present The New Team Section: From Today Voxloud is Even More Intuitive

Our mission is always to put the customer at the center in everything we do and to simplify everyday work.

We pursue this goal by constantly updating our Voxloud cloud PBX with features designed to make you more and more productive.

The new feature that we are about to announce has been created for this very reason: to make your experience with the Voxloud cloud PBX even better and more complete.

To do this, we have created a new section within the Control Panel that will allow you to manage users and groups even more easily.

Welcome to the new Team section of Voxloud! πŸŽ‰

The new "Team" section within the control panel groups users and all their preferences or settings (such as groups, rules and much more) in a single place.


Thanks to the new β€œTeam” section you will be able to control the extensions much more easily to immediately understand which group or team they belong to (administration, support, warehouse) and you can possibly change them in one click.


PBX extension:





Setting of extension:




PBX groups:




By taking advantage of the new layout and group aggregation, the phone system administrator will be able to manage users, groups and their preferences in a single place more quickly and easily.


The user interface is now much simpler and clearer: if you click on a user, a summary card will now open where you will see all the groups the user is in and all the rules (IVRs) that use this extension.

You will no longer need to control groups and user preferences by user, but just enter the Team section and manage everything from there through the user tabs.

But here are the advantages of the new Team section:


  • You will benefit from a more intuitive and complete interface
  • You can easily find out which group an extension on your team belongs to
  • You will have more control over users and groups
  • You will save time and be more efficient


Find out how to use the new section:




Our goal is to offer you a cloud PBX that is easy to use and that makes it easier for you to carry out everyday activities.


This feature is just one of the many that Voxloud will release over the course of the year, after starting 2022 with the highly anticipated updates to the IVR features, labels and scheduled rules.

Always remember that for any doubt, our Support team and Voxloud Specialists are at your complete disposal (even on weekends!).

To discover the new Team section and use your Voxloud PBX with even more speed and efficiency, go to the Control Panel. Click here.πŸ‘‡



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Kind regards,

Leonardo, CEO of Voxloud


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