16 November 2021

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Monday at 10.54: the Time to be more Productive by 35%

If you've promised to be more productive at work, there are certain days and times that can help you start off ahead.

Monday at 10:54 am is the most productive day and time of the week for most workers, according to studies. Researchers interviewed people from a variety of industries including finance, law, health and marketing, and they all said Monday was their most productive day, although people in sales have indicated Friday as the day they face most of the projects.

HR professionals, on the other hand, said they generally feel more productive after 1pm.

"Peak productivity times vary from person to person, so it's important to understand what we can do to help us stay focused longer during the workday," said Joanna Swash, CEO of the Moneypenny Group in a statement.



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Productivity in remote working

Working from home has been a great achievement for some, less so for others as staying focused on checkout is perhaps more difficult. 55% of employees say they feel productive working from home and 35% feel productive but less busy.

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Ensuring employees have a healthy work-life balance and taking time to move away from their responsibilities can help prevent more serious problems like burnout. Listening to music, taking a walk, and using it can help employees recover and unplug for a few hours and then return more focused than before.


"Workers need to be evaluated by results, not hours they work," says Steve Cadigan, author of "Workquake - Embracing the Aftershocks of COVID-19 to Create a Better Model of Working."

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But how to keep the concentration standards high in the company?

Just use the right tools and platforms such as the Voxloud cloud phone system.
Just to get an idea, with the cloud phone system you can:

- Make and receive phone calls from anywhere and on any device via the Voxloud app

- Keep existing phone numbers and bring them to Voxloud for free

- Set up custom IVR menus to suit your specific business needs and different departments

- Advanced call management to forward, transfer, hold and mute calls

- Access additional calling features such as conversation recording, group ringtones, voicemail to email, etc.

- Make corporate video calls

- Consolidate business communications and collaboration on a single platform

- Simplify configuration and management thanks to the easy self-installation process

- No technicians required for setup and maintenance

Finally, the cloud phone system is a real bridge to connect the VoIP telephone system with other platforms to applications, in order to maximize the value of each of your current applications.

Just as employees should work together to achieve greater working efficiency, so too are technologies.


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