22 September 2022

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Looking for a New Phone System? Here Are 5 Essential Features It Must Have

Choosing a new phone system is a daunting task.


With the explosion of cloud-based VoIP options, not to mention traditional handsets and PBXs, you’re spoiled for choice. So when it comes down to it, how do you know “the one” when you see it?


It all comes down to scalability and flexibility.



You want your telephony solution to grow with your business and quickly adapt to ever-changing conditions, such as the rise in hybrid and remote working. But what exactly does that mean in practical terms?


Here are 5 must-have features that your phone system needs to keep up with your business.


1. Desktop and Mobile Apps


While you can still opt for desk phones that work with a VoIP system, the addition of desktop and mobile apps means that you can quickly turn any computer, smartphone or mobile device into a company phone and video conferencing tool.


Suddenly, you can set up hybrid and remote working with a click of a button, giving your business the flexibility to adapt to whatever may come your way.


2. Intuitive Control Panel


The true key to scalability is being able to add and delete telephone numbers, extensions and users at will. With a cloud-based PBX system you can do just that, often through a control panel, though some are more user-friendly than others. This is a huge advantage over traditional physical PBXs, which limit you to the number of units or lines you purchased years ago. 


In Voxloud’s easy-to-use control panel, you can change preferences, groups and even IVR features in real-time. This gives you full control over your system without the need for any additional technical knowledge. And since you never need to wait to make changes, you’re only ever charged for what you use.


3. Third-Party Software Integrations


By integrating a CRM tool like Salesforce or Zendesk you can save all your customer interactions in one place, easily share files and make calls at the click of a button. 


This takes a lot of human error out of the equation, but more importantly, having everything together saves your team time and allows for a more seamless customer experience.


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4. Analytics


Far from the exclusive domain of marketing and data analysts, analytical tools such as call logs and recordings can help you track trends, source feedback from your customers and serve as training aids.


These give you invaluable insight into your busiest times and common queries to help you tackle customer satisfaction, staff planning and recruitment strategy.

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5. Virtual Receptionist


Regardless if your team is small or based in multiple international offices, you need to make sure inbound calls are handled in a timely and efficient manner.


A multi-level interactive voice response (IVR) system allows you to set rules and options, often in multiple languages, to guide your callers to the right person.


This type of virtual receptionist not only reduces frustration but also allows you to handle a large volume of calls without needing to immediately hire more staff.


Additional features such as hold music, audio messages and the option to leave voicemail, all of which you can find on Voxloud’s system, let you personalize the customer experience further and align it with your branding. 

So, while a few of these features can be found on a traditional PBX, the future is definitely in the cloud.

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