23 June 2022

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Integrations And PBX: 4 Tips To Get Your Productivity Off The Ground

The last few years have been characterized by ever-increasing digitalization and revolution that has accelerated the adoption of innovative tools and everything that was previously physical, such as administrative archives, invoices.


Small businesses, to keep up with the competition, need to be as flexible and agile as possible, and to do so, digital tools are the facilitators of this new flexibility.


However, growing quickly requires the right tools that can allow you to be as productive as possible and achieve more and more results.


It is certainly difficult to be when you have limitations due to a fixed telephone system with a thousand cables and accessory devices that do not facilitate the individual daily activities.

If it is so difficult to choose and configure a physical PBX, imagine instead how difficult it is to integrate it with other software.


With Voxloud you can do it quickly and easily with one click and you can integrate your PBX in the cloud with the best business applications.


We should ask ourselves if a telephone system that works by communicating directly with your everyday platforms (such as CRM, administrative software, contact books) could be the best choice.


For this reason, we want to talk to you in detail about cloud PBX integrations and how to actually use them not only to make smart working more effective but to show you how much more time you will have once installed and integrated with your PBX.


In fact, there are platforms that improve and facilitate everyday work, in all departments.


The applications that you can integrate with cloud PBXs are designed to perform specific tasks for small and medium-sized businesses.


The benefits of applications integrated with cloud PBXs


A cloud PBX system allows you to stay in touch with your customers and teams and work from anywhere in the world.


The integrations between phone system and applications (such as CRM or contact books) allow all these instruments to communicate automatically with the phone system, centralizing information and automating the processes of the applications.

This is a strong point of our Cloud PBX. Inclusiveness and flexibility in one click.

With the integrations and synchronization with your CRM you will be able to see the calls made and received for each individual contact, with the address books instead you can synchronize the contacts between the phone system and the address book to offer an increasingly professional service.


Thanks to the integration of a cloud PBX such as the Voxloud one, employees can use their applications together with the PBX wherever they are without having to be in the office, as both are cloud-based tools and can be integrated with the Voxloud PBX.


With a cloud PBX, you can therefore use both the PBX and applications anywhere and without difficulty, because they communicate with each other and allow you to always have them with you, wherever you go.


4 ways PBX integrations help you every day




1 - Time savings

Integrations are a valuable tool because they allow you to save time and make your work even more professional and faster.


In fact, as soon as you receive a call, you can already have all the contact information of the customer you are calling in front of you thanks to the desktop application.



2 - Speed ​​of execution of work activities


Thanks to the integrations you have the possibility to make your work even faster, in fact both the data entry and the log in of the calls are automated and this allows you to have all the information you need in the shortest possible time.


To make calls you will not need to enter the CRM and copy and paste all the data, just use the integrations.


3 - Provide excellent user experience


The integrations not only allow you to be faster but also to provide a better user experience because you can work better without switching from one software to another.


For example, if you have a lot of software that you usually use, you don't need to switch between them and waste time, you just need to have the right integration to put all these software in contact, this is the core business of Voxloud, all the functions in a single application.


4 - All data is always safe and easily accessible


It may happen that having a lot of data from different customers every now and then some bit data getting lost and recovering it is quite a difficult undertaking.


Thanks to the cloud and the integration with the cloud PBX, your data is always safe and above all you will not have the problem of always having to search for them in different software based on the use you make of them because they are centralized and available directly from the PBX and vice versa. pour. Finally, you have a chance to keep everything safe in one place.

Customers rate your business based on their shopping experience.

They don't want to wait for the answers they're looking for, in most cases, they don't even want to be called back.


They want to be assisted by agents who answer their questions quickly or want to quickly find someone who can do it. Without forgetting the fact that no one, including you who are reading this, wants to repeat themselves several times just because the Customer Service agent has changed.


When you are able to offer a customer experience at the height you can facilitate loyalty.


Here are some other ways PBX integrations can help you:


- Analytics help you better understand customer service ticket trends

- Convert prospects to customers faster

- Visibility into performance and productivity to improve what's wrong

- Set up a PBX, remote teams or distributed teams.


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