29 May 2023

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Improve Your support Team's Efficiency With A Cloud PBX

Tickets, tickets and more tickets — often, that’s the life of a support team in a nutshell.


Getting customers help is an absolute must for your business, but with just how much support a typical user base needs, that’s usually easier said than done.


That’s why one of the best investments you can make for support team productivity is a cloud-based PBX.


Simply by shifting your phone system to the cloud, your entire workforce gets access to far more efficient ways to communicate and collaborate.


Better yet, the entire system of customer inquiries can be improved and refined much more easily, making your team’s jobs easier with no changes on their end.


Here, we’ll go through just a few of some of the most relevant advantages a cloud phone system brings to any support team.



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1 - Instant messaging


Internally and externally, a cloud PBX’s messaging feature makes sure your support team exchanges information quickly and efficiently.


Among colleagues, a chat system makes sending and answering questions nearly instantaneous — especially with a group chat in place for such inquiries.


For customers, meanwhile, online chat systems make for a highly approachable way to get answers directly through your website.


Since chats are far faster than calls or email, bringing them into your support team can easily make communication flow more quickly, ensuring small issues get taken care of right away (and thus never have the chance to become something bigger).

Voxloud, for instance, has a powerful videoconference tool with a built-in chat and sharing tool that helps your team to work faster, better and without wasting time.


2 - Improved IVRs


Interactive Voice Response (IVR) menus are critical to support teams, as they help customers give staff initial details about their call before they’re even connected.


And on a cloud-based PBX, you can program a custom IVR easier than ever. Not only is the interface for creating your own IVR much more straightforward and understandable on a cloud phone system, you’ll often have preset examples to choose from and better optimize your process.


In short, if you need to optimize your IVR — or simply need to install one — a cloud PBX will always be your best bet.




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3 - Call flow automation


Speaking of improving call processes, a cloud-based phone system will also simplify your overall call flow process.


An essential feature for any contact center, call flow automation is more or less what it sounds like: using software to automatically route calls to the right department or agent.


And when you get this feature from a cloud-based system, you get loads of ways to make the process work at its best.


Want an incoming call to ring all unoccupied support agents?


Or how about it reaches the agent who’s answered the fewest calls so far today?


Whatever call route works best for your team, a cloud PBX makes it simple to realize thanks to a software-based system that’s easy to configure.


Without this kind of bespoke way of optimizing calls, you can easily end up creating more work than necessary for your entire support department.



voxloud cloud pbx


4 - Data reporting and analysis


Most of the time, improving team procedures comes down to figuring out where things aren’t working optimally.


This is also something a cloud PBX makes this significantly easier thanks to how easily it can gather, analyze and report on data from your support team’s communications. 


With the software options available for a cloud-based phone system, you can quickly set up programs that collect call data with loads of added details — including call length, time to pick up, call type, answering agent and more.


This vast treasure trove of information will give you a critical look at where your team is performing well, along with where their biggest bottlenecks are.


Don’t be intimidated by the massive volume of that data, either.

Thanks to automation from your cloud PBX, your system can sort and even analyze it on its own, leaving you with just the hard facts on where your support team’s processes can be shored up.

5 - Distributed workforces


All that said, if what you really need to knock out those tickets is more staff on your support team, a cloud-based phone system makes that a breeze, too.


After all, a cloud PBX lets you hire staff at a global level.


Since a cloud PBX can be activated and used from anywhere, you can use one to set up extensions for employees who aren’t in a central office.


In other words, your support agents don’t have to be in your own city or even your own country — so long as they have the skills your team needs, they can be based anywhere in the world and still be connected to your company’s phone system.


If local talent alone just isn’t cutting it, a cloud PBX is an absolute must for making sure your team has every member they need to stay productive.






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Voxloud Cloud-Based Phone System: what are the advantages for you?


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