17 November 2022

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Improve Your Sales Team’s Productivity with These 5 Cloud-Based PBX Features

For your business, there are few things more important than landing additional sales.


As important as elements like good staff and effective training are to more deals closed, the tools your team uses matter enormously too — especially when it comes to communication.

When you use a PBX hosted in the cloud, sales efficiency goes way up simply thanks to the tools that system brings to the table.


Here, you can discover just a handful of the many features a cloud-based PBX offers for more sales productivity and, as a result, more profits.





1 - Easier interfaces


Nothing slows down a team like struggling with how to even use a system. Fortunately, a cloud-based PBX features interfaces and controls that are far more intuitive to understand than traditional, physical ones, which both reduces training and confusion — and leads to more work getting done each day.


CPThe Voxloud Control Panel


2 - Integrations

voxloud integrazioni
Integrating your most important software into your PBX makes it faster and easier to access them directly through your main communications window.


With a cloud PBX, you’ll get even more options for that integration than on a physical one, as the more accessible cloud-based software makes for greater flexibility when connecting external tools. In particular, you can make your favorite CRM work directly through your PBX, saving your whole team time and brainpower by putting their most-used customer info in a single unified interface.


👉 Voxloud offers you more than 50 integrations with CRMs, Help Desk and much more. Find out all the integrations here!



3 - Chatbots


When customers land on your website, they want to talk to someone right away — even if that someone is actually a bot.


By using a cloud PBX to integrate chatbots into your webpage, you can ensure that every visitor is attended to immediately, even if all your sales agents are occupied with other calls. Chatbots can also better direct visitors to specific sales agents to further streamline your sales communications, leading to better productivity.



4 - Call recording

With a cloud-based PBX, sales agents can automatically enable call recording for all their sales conversations, skipping the tedious and often distracting step of taking notes during a call. In fact, a cloud PBX can use AI to transcribe a call recording and make going through a past conversation even faster.


👉 Find out here the call recording feature in Voxloud


5 - Remote work options

Employees consistently get more done with a flexible work location, given that up to 77% of staff get more done per day working remotely and that those working remotely log five to seven more hours of work per week.


And easily the simplest way to enable remote work more is through a cloud PBX. Using one, your sales team can connect to your office phone system from anywhere and on any device through online apps

That enables them to stay in contact with leads and land more deals even without being physically present in your office, all while enjoying the biggest benefits of your PBX. From their voicemail operations to group chats with clients, the cloud puts all the most important communication tools at their fingertips from any location.


Voxloud cloud-based phone system: what are the advantages for you?


Just to give an idea, here is a preview of the advantages of Voxloud phone system:


  • You can work anywhere without geographical restrictions
  • Activation in 59 seconds, without technicians or installers
  • Organize team video conferences
  • No hidden costs


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