24 August 2021

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How Important Is Customer Service For Companies?


Find out the difference between having a cloud phone system and the customer satisfaction.


In reality these two elements are not related to each other, but the first influences the second.


A professional telephone service makes customer service able to respond to the needs of the consumer, who becomes much happier buying from your company. Plus, this allows you to get better feedback and increase business profits.

Today it is therefore essential to choose who to rely on in order to have a professional company phone system.


But if you still can't get a clear picture on this topic, keep reading and you will discover a whole series of problems that can arise when you have an inadequate and out of step phone system.


The thorniest part of any work in contact with the consumer concerns customer service.


So far there is only one certainty about this specific moment in the sales process: people will call your customer service to tell them how happy they are to have purchased from you.


But how important are the phone systems and customer support?


They are essential, especially if you want to be perceived as a serious and reliable company by the market.


Regardless of the type of business you do, there are several reasons why a consumer needs to contact your customer service:


  • Report a problem with the product
  • Request information
  • Have a clarification
  • Complaint


Now, imagine you have a traditional telephone system, one of the physical ones, with few telephone lines available, because opening a new one is always an investment to be taken into consideration, especially for an SME; imagine a customer tries to contact your customer service and the lines are busy.


He may be on hold for about ten minutes, try calling again at a later time, and eventually choose not to try again.


What will the customer do when faced with this situation? He will look for an alternative solution and will no longer rely on your company.


This is why it is very important that you have a modern phone system that works effectively: only if you satisfy the majority of your customers will your company be perceived as professional and serious, above the average of competitors.


You have to provide excellent service, because in this way your customers can become attached and say:

“I am satisfied, I will continue to buy from them”.

If you think about it, it will probably have happened to you too: when you request assistance from this or that telephone operator for a service that does not work, based on your experience with customer service, you decide whether to still be their customer in the future or not.


It happens this way for all consumers and for all kinds of companies that sell services, products and goods: if your customer service works, you have a wonderful business card to build customer loyalty and have greater profits.


People speak well of a service if they have reason to praise something well organized; otherwise, they have the knife on the side of the handle and can complain about what doesn't work, causing a great deal of fuss.


Who pays for it? Your company.


How can you get around this problem?


One solution could be to choose a modern phone system in step with the times, a cloud phone system capable of eliminating the most common problems upstream, typical of traditional phone systems.


Physical and Cloud phone system: which one to choose for a better customer experience


Let's see together what the difference is between a traditional phone system and one in the cloud in the management of an event like this: the customer phoned to ask for assistance, the phone was already busy and the operator was busy solving another problem on the same line .


A traditional phone system, even if it offers you the possibility of redirecting the call to another extension, is hardly user friendly, in the sense that performing this function is not always easy or immediate, and the risk of closing the phone in the customer's face, there is.


A cloud phone system allows you to divert the call in a very short time, assigning the customer another free operator able to satisfy his requests.


What if they're all busy?


No problem: the cloud phone system gives you the ability to retrieve the caller's data, so that you can then contact him as soon as an operator becomes free.


Imagine that you are the customer who finds the phone system busy: if you receive a phone call from the operator you were unable to contact, how do you live the experience of that customer service?


The reality is that there are many examples we could give you to convince you to free your company from the dusty ghost of a traditional phone system, but one article or two would not be enough to explain all the cases we have encountered over the years.


At Voxloud we have chosen to be on the side of the digitalization, to look to the future from a privileged perspective.



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